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14 Ways to Make a Sliding Knot Bracelet

Sliding knot or slip knot bracelets are easy to wear and remove since the knot is adjustable. We have curated a list of tutorials to show you how to go about making them. The technique for tying the knot is quite straightforward, and you would love the fact that it can fit any wrist. So the next time you are thinking of making a friendship bracelet, give one of the below DIYs a try.

1. Make a Sliding Knot Bracelet

This cute slip knot bracelet can be made in a matter of just 5 minutes! It is pretty easy to do a sliding knot on a bracelet.

Sliding Knot Bracelet

2. Slip Knot Bracelet Guide

You will need 5 inches of jewelry cord and the same length of knotting cord for this DIY. Their thickness should be 1mm or more. The cord can be of leather or fiber.

Slip Knot Bracelet

3. Make a Gorgeous Slip Knot Bracelet

This suede sliding knot bracelet suits different sizes of wrists. It is decorated with glass, brass, and Tibetan-style beads.

How to Make a Slip Knot Bracelet

4. How Do You Make Sliding Knot Bracelets with Charms

Finish these evil eye bracelets with sliding knots to make them easy to put on and off. The charms are thought to protect you from evil power and negative energy.

How to Make Sliding Knot Bracelets

5. Adjustable Sliding Knot Bracelet Instructions

The above-linked guide uses one cord piece for the bracelet and a separate one for the square sliding knot itself.

Sliding Knot Bracelet Instructions

6. Adjustable Sliding Knot Bracelet Tying Directions

How to Tie a Sliding Knot Bracelet

7. Double Sliding Knot Bracelet Tutorial

Double Sliding Knot Bracelet

8. Beaded Sliding Knot Bracelet

Sliding Knot Bracelet with Beads

9. Single Sliding Knot Bracelet DIY

Single Sliding Knot Bracelet

10. Sliding Knot Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Bracelet with Sliding Knot

11. Paracord Bracelet Having a Sliding Knot Closure

Sliding Knot Paracord Bracelet

12. Stunning Chinese Sliding Knot Bracelet

The Chinese sliding knot boasts an adjustable design based on coils. You can make adjustable bracelets and necklaces using this tying technique.

Chinese Sliding Knot Bracelet

13. Unique Sliding Knot Washer Bracelet

Sliding Knot Washer Bracelet

14. Easy Sliding Knot Braided Bracelet

The specialty of this friendship bracelet lies in its ease of removal. The simple sliding knot makes it possible. The use of different colors of strings owes the bracelet its beauty.

Braided Bracelet with Sliding Knot

Slip-knot bracelets make excellent gifts for your loved ones. You can choose materials like paracord, leather, string, and a variety of other materials for your craft. Deck them up with beads, charms, and colorful stones to make them look attractive.

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