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17 Drip Painting How-to’s

Drip painting is an abstract art form popularized by artist Jackson Pollock, in which paint is made to drip on canvas to create dynamic and unique effects. Apart from the regular colors, you can add a few metallic paints to lend the art a cool look. Of course, it would be best to hold the canvas over a container, cloth or newspaper to keep the working area mess-free.

1. Abstract Drip Painting

This easy painting technique allows kids to learn about gravity and viscosity. The supplies for this project are 3 cardboard pieces, paper, tape, tempera paint and a brush or spoon.

Drip Painting

2. Cool Paint Drip Art

The DIY involves mixing colors followed by brushing and spooning the paint onto paper hung on an easel.

Paint Drip Art

3. Acrylic Drip Painting DIY

In the above-linked post, 4 fluid painting techniques have been described, of which the last one explains dripping. Your living room would look cool with this art form on display.

Acrylic Drip Painting

4. Watercolor Drip Painting Idea

Create an abstract art form by dripping watercolor on canvas. Apart from the text instructions, the above-linked post has a video tutorial as well.

Drip Painting Idea

5. Colorful Drip Painting Technique

Allow gravity act on fluid acrylic paint to create this beautiful piece of art. Instead of using fluid acrylic paint, you can blend thicker acrylic paint with a pourable acrylic gloss medium to make the medium fluid.

Drip Painting Technique

6. How to Do Drip Painting

This lovely piece of art was done using pipettes and 4 different shades of tempera paint. Add a tiny bit of water to the colors so that they easily flow through the pipette.

How to Drip Paint

7. Guide to Drip Painting On Canvas

Drip Painting On Canvas

8. Drip Wall Paint

A DIY paint drip wall with a guitar hanging at the center looks quirky, doesn’t it? You can deck up the hall or the living room with paint dripping on their walls.

Paint Drip Wall

9. Dripping Paint Pumpkin

Drip Paint Pumpkin

10. Paint Drip Painting Instructions

Paint Drip Painting

11. Black Drip Paint Wall

An easy drip painting project makes amazing wall art. Click on the above link to know more about the fast and fun modern art DIY.

Easy Drip Painting

12. Solid Crayon Drip Painting

Crayon Drip Painting

13. Drip Paint on Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots Drip Paint

14. Bright Alcohol Drip Painting

Alcohol Drip Painting

15. Dripping Oil Painting Tutorial

Dripping Oil Painting

16. Unique Icicle Drip Painting

Icicle Drip Painting

17. Pumpkin Drip Painting

This eye-catching piece of art brightens up any room. The white and pink color contrast looks beautiful. Lightly tapping the pumpkin on a table creates longer drips of paint.

Drip Pumpkin Painting

Now that you are through with the different DIY ideas, it’s time for you to make a splash. Just gather the supplies, set up the canvas, mix colors and you are ready to drip paint. You could use the technique in interior and festive décor as well.

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