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10 Ways to do Bubble Painting

Are you looking for craft ideas to keep your little one engaged and happy? Bubble painting would prove to be a good idea. It basically involves imprinting the outlines of real bubbles of paint on canvas. Dish soap or any other type of liquid soap and water is added to the paint. You can take the help of a straw to pick up the bubbles before placing them on paper. The vivid images below serve as inspiration.

1. Bubble Painting Instructions

This fun painting activity would be a great idea to keep kids engaged in summer. The supplies for this project are acrylic paint, straws, plastic cups, dish soap, cardstock and water.

Bubble Painting

2. How to Make Bubbles with Paint

Bubble painting with dish soap would be a hit with kids. Remember to cover your work area with an old cloth or a plastic sheet.

How to Paint Bubbles

3. Easy Bubble Paint Art

Enjoy the beauty of bubbles with this excellent art idea. The simple activity just needs liquid food coloring and a bubble mixture.

Bubble Paint Art

4. Bubble Painting Project with Straws

In this DIY, you just need to insert a straw into a bowl filled with paint, dish soap and water and blow. Place a sheet of paper on top of the bubbles and you get the print!

Bubble Painting With Straws

5. Bubble Paint Monster Craft

The googly eyes transform the bubble paint into cute monsters. When you pick up the bubbles with a straw and push them around on the canvas, you need to be careful that you don’t move them around too much.

Bubble Paint Craft

6. Cool Bubble Painting Idea

Bubble Painting Idea

7. Bubble Painting Using Washing Up Liquid

Bubble Painting With Washing Up Liquid

8. Painting Bubbles in Watercolor

Watercolor Bubble Painting

9. DIY Bubble Painting with Water Bottles for Kids

Bubble Painting DIY with Water Bottles

10. Bubble Painting Using Food Coloring

Bubble Painting With Food Coloring

We are sure that with the above ideas in your kitty, you are all set to make a splash with your paint bubbles. Bubbles never fail to attract kids and this art activity allows them to capture the bubbles on canvas long after they have burst.

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