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19 String Painting How-to’s

String painting usually involves pulling a string over poured paint, creating mesmerizing patterns in the shape of flowers, butterflies, etc. on canvas, cloth, paper and so on. If you are interested in abstract art, you will enjoy doing this. It is pretty easy to do and is suited for people of all ages. String painting can be done with acrylic paint or poster colors.

1. How to Do String Art Painting on Canvas

This beautiful piece of art is created using acrylic paint and a string. It is suitable for all ages and makes a great gift.

String Painting

2. String Art with Paint

The materials needed for this pull string art are poster paints, paper and string, wool or chain. Start by dipping a length of the string in the paint, keeping one end paint-free.

String Paint Art

3. Acrylic String Pull Painting

This easy art project is for people of all skill levels. You can do it using any kind of acrylic paint and string or yarn.

String Pull Painting

4. String Pulling Acrylic Paint Art

This fluid art technique is achieved by string pull painting with chain. The steps have been explained with written instructions as well as a video tutorial.

Pull String Art with Acrylic Paint

5. Paint and String Art

Learn how to do string art with paint with the help of the above-linked guide. It doubles as an excellent math art project for children.

Paint String Art

6. Black And White Pull String Painting

This lovely art is made by combining the string pulling with mirror-image string prints. You can try this on a small or large scale with one or more colors.

Pull String Painting

7. String Flower Painting

String pull flower painting is pretty simple to do and is addictive. The supplies for this project are ink or watercolor fluid mediums, string, gloves, scissors, drop cloth and a heavy book.

String Paint Flowers

8. Worm Art with String and Paint

Always remember to cover your work area with a newspaper or old cloth since this project can get really messy.

Worm on a String Painting

9. String Art Paint Idea

String Painting Idea

10. Pull String Art Ink Painting

Pull String Art

11. String Pull Fluid Art

String Pull Art

12. String Pull Art Paint

Pull String Paint Art

13. Abstract Painting with String

Once you know the technique of string pour painting, you can pull the string in a variety of ways to create an abstract art form.

Abstract String Painting

14. String Paint Rainbow Art Instructions

How to String Paint Art

15. Beginner String Painting

String Painting For Beginners

16. Flow String Painting

You need to scroll down the above-linked post to reach the part that deals with the string pull pouring technique. It uses a chain or string to create wisps of color resembling a feather on a poured background. You will also find instructions on acrylic pouring string pull abstract floral painting here.

Flow Painting With String

17. String Painting Butterfly

Butterfly String Painting

18. Ink String Pull Painting Art

Ink String Pull Art

19. Kids’ String Painting on Paper

String Painting for Kids

After going through the lovely pull string art photos and ideas, you are likely all set to give it a shot. The fluid, flowy patterns of bright colors have the power to win over anyone’s heart effortlessly. Here’s wishing you luck with string pulling art.

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