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20 Beautiful Woven Wall Hanging Ideas for You

Wall hangings are used for interior design, mostly in the drawing rooms. Depending on their weaving patterns, there are variations like the bohemian theme, Native American, Mexico, or just some unique combinations of solid colors.

Pictures of Woven Wall Hanging Ideas

1. How to Make a Woven Wall Hanging

The brown and white wall hanging takes around 3-4 hours to be made, but the long period is worth the time. Once you hang it, the item will enhance the appearance of the wall and the room.

Woven Wall Hanging

2. Wall Hanging Woven Tapestry: DIY

The colorful creation looks great on a white wall, especially with some plants around. The tutorial is easy enough for beginners who have just tried their hands in weaving.

Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging

3. Woven Wall Hanging for Small Drawing Rooms

The chunky yarn of the wall hanging looks great and the detailed design is intricate. Although it is small, but you will have to spend multiple hours to make it.

DIY Woven Wall Hanging

4. Wall Hanging Décor for Your Home

Imagine gifting your husband a nice wall hanging on his birthday, he will be happy and so will you.

Hand Woven Wall Hanging

5. Blue and White Woven Wall Hanging

The two shades of blue combined with white create a soothing wall hanging. If your wall color is dark blue, teal or green, the wall hanging will suit the theme of the house.

How to Make a Woven Wall Hanging

6. Easy Tutorial for Woven Wall Hanging

This one is an easy one, and all you need is concentration, apart from the materials. This design is so beautiful that you can hang it in your bedroom as well.

Woven Wall Hanging Decor

7. Hand Woven Aztec Printed Wall Hanging

Black and White wall hanging exhibiting the Aztec print gives your interior a tribal touch. The color combination is also of a vintage mood.

Aztec Woven Wall Hanging

8. Wall Woven Hanging for a Cozy Room

This half and half pattern is a unique and it needs a great deal of attention to achieve this design. For your baby’s room this is good.

9. Large White Woven Wall Hanging for Your Drawing Room

If you love chunky yarns and big decorative items, then this wall hanging is perfect. If your room has a wide and elaborate wall, this design is the best one for that.

Large Woven Wall Hanging

10. Asymmetrical Hand Woven Wall Hanging

The high-low ending of the wall hanging is nicely complemented by blue and white threads.

Asymmetrical Hand Woven Wall Hanging DIY

11. Simple and Colorful Woven Wall Hanging

This is a different wall hanging, with colorful tassels hanging from the end. This is a good option for teenage girl’s room.

Yarn Woven Wall Hanging

12. Decorative Woven Wall Hanging Tutorial

The pink, white, brown chunky yarns have made the hanging a nice thing. The wooden hanger  gives it a rustic touch.

Decorative Woven Wall Hanging Instruction

13. Pink and White Woven Wall Hanging

The brick wall is nicely enhanced by the medium-sized wall hanging. The colors are soft, setting a relaxing mood.

Textured Woven Wall Hanging

14. Wide and Chunky Woven Wall Hanging: Tutorial

Go through the easy instruction and make an amazing wall hanging like the following one. Instead of white, you may use any color of your choice.

Wide Woven Wall Hanging

15. Blue and Green Woven Wall Hanging

This is a small woven wall hanging that can grace the back of your door as well. Instead of blue and green, red and yellow will also be a nice replacement.

Blue and Green Woven Fabric Wall Hanging

16. Boho Woven Wall Hanging

The bohemian touch of the hanging is nothing less than a graceful one. However, the tutorial teaches you to make a long wall hanging, but you can decide the length.

Boho Woven Wall Hanging Instruction

17. Woven Wall Hanging with Horizontal Patterns

This is comparatively a smaller piece than the previous one. For apartment dwellers this is a suitable wall hanging.

Tutorial for Horizontal Woven Wall Hanging with Fringes

18. Round Hand Woven Wall Hanging

The round wall hanging with white work all over definitely steals the show. Dark shades of yarns will also do instead of white.

Circular Wall Hanging

19. Macramé Woven Wall Hanging

Macramé art takes the wall hanging to another level. This is simple but could be a time-taking affair.

Macramé Woven Wall Hanging Idea

20. Rainbow Arch Woven Wall Hanging: Step-by-step Instruction

The colorful rainbow theme on this wall hanging is extraordinary, to say the least. It is chunky, but worth your attention and hard work.

Rainbow Arch Woven Wall Hanging

If weaving is your passion then these pieces of art could be your motivation. Try them all, one by one, to spend your afternoon and evening artistically.

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