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12 + DIYs to Make a Stuffed Animal Hammock

The perfect way to organize your little one’s stuffed toys is to put them in a hammock made of fabric, mesh, tulle, nets, or any other material. You could even use techniques of crocheting, knitting, and macramé to make the hammock. The tutorials to follow would guide you in the process of making a stuffed animal hammock.

DIY Stuffed Animal Hammock Ideas

1. How to Make a Stuffed Animal Hammock

The trim sewn at the bottom gives the triangle an adorable look.

Stuffed Animal Hammock

2. DIY Stuffed Animal Toy Hammock

If giving it as a gift, tie the pink tulle at the center or add bows to each of the sides to make it look gorgeous.

DIY Stuffed Animal Hammock

3.  How to Crochet a Stuffed Animal Hammock

The colorful yarns made using different hammocks make it look immensely beautiful.

Crochet Stuffed Animal Hammock

4. Instructions to Make a Large  Stuffed Hammock from a T-shirt

If you have a worn-out t-shirt, you could make great use of it by designing it into a net hammock.

Stuffed Animal Hammock Instructions

5. Wall Hanging Stuffed Animal Storage Tutorial Pattern

Go for a colored fabric for a brightened appearance, and you could even stitch designs on it for an enticing appeal.

Stuffed Animal Hammock Pattern

6. Make Your Own Tulle Hammock Net to Hold Stuffed Animals

The combination of tulle and ribbon adds to the cuteness of this hammock. Its decorative appeal makes it ideal for a baby shower gift.

Stuffed Animal Net Hammock

7. DIY No-Sew Stuffed Animal Hammock

If you are on the lookout for an easier way to make a hammock without any stitching or knitting, this no-sew pattern would be perfect.

How to Make a No Sew Stuffed Animal Hammock

8. Pretty Pink Stuffed Animal Hammock

While hanging the hammock, place the fabric through the knots to prevent it from ripping.

Pink Stuffed Animal Hammock

Following the directions given in the above tutorial, you may make a black hammock shown in the image below or one with any other shade like blue, red, or green to complement your room’s color.

Black Stuffed Animal Hammock

9. Instructions to Make a Stuffed Animal Hammock from an Old Bed Sheet

The tutorial in the link provides instructions to convert a bedsheet into a hammock easily. Following the cue, you could make a jumbo-sized hammock to accommodate stuffed toys just as the one shown in the image.

Stuffed Animal Bedsheet Hammock

10. Stuffed Animal Hammock Tutorial

Animal Hammock Stuffed

11. Crochet Toy Stuffed Animal Storage Hanging Net DIY

The big crochet hammock sitting in one corner would increase the beauty of the room to the fullest.

Stuffed Animal Net

12. DIY Hanging Stuffed Animal Net for Ceiling

Hanging Net for Stuffed Animals

These DIYs would surely help you decide which hammock you want to design as a storage space for your kiddos many toys that otherwise lie messily all over. A fabric, old bedsheet, t-short, or anything else would serve your purpose. Arrange the hammock to one corner of the room or even hang on the ceiling to give the room a neat appearance.

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