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27+ Cool Designs for Hemp Bracelets

Cultivated common hemp can be transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry as the material is flexible and durable. From simple braids to macramé, you may use vivid knots to tie multiple hemp strings together for various stylish patterns. So, when it comes to bracelets, make some out of hemp and sport your creativity like no other.

DIY Hemp Bracelets

1. Instruction for Making a Hemp Bracelet

An overhand knot followed by some simple knots will result into an amazing bracelet like the following one. The end part might be knotted doubly or triply.

Hemp Bracelet

2. How to Make a Macramé Hemp Bracelet 

With dark colored hemp strings and colorful rolling beads you can make such a beautiful bracelet. The clasp like ending is achieved by a button.

Macramé Hemp Bracelet

3. Hemp Bracelet Pattern for Beginners

For a simpler design, use a ring and a lobster clasp that will hold the bracelet tightly. For a chic appearance, women can wear this with a sundress.

Hemp Bracelet Pattern

4. Hemp Bracelet with Pearls

Glass pearls have given the bracelet a new dimension in terms of its look. Since this is your project, using some colorful pearls are always an option to rely on.

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet

5. Hemp Bracelet with Colorful Beads

Colorful hemp cords and assorted beads make a powerful combination for a bracelet. For a specific pattern of the beads, arrange them just the way you want them to be on your bracelet before you insert the hemp. It will quicken the entire process.

Hemp Bracelet Instruction

6. Hemp Bracelet with Knots

Gather some dyed hemp cords and adorn them with golden beads for a feminine bracelet. For making the knots, follow the above link that will redirect you to a tutorial.

Hemp Bracelets with Knots

How to Make an Adjustable Hemp Bracelet

Make some bracelets like this for the men of your house as well.

Hemp and Bead Bracelet

7. How to Make a Hemp Bracelet with Silver Beads

These beads act like trinkets, lending a look of a charm bracelet. The color is gaudy and can be even more if you choose certain shades like neon yellow, shocking pink and so on.

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet with Silver Beads

8. Hemp Bracelet with Metal Beads

Hemp Bracelet Design

9. Hemp Bracelet for Men

Men’s Hemp Bracelet

10. Multicolored Hemp Cord Bracelets

A Kumihimo braiding disk will ease your task of braiding multiple hemp twines. Combine as many shades as you want.

Hemp Cord Bracelets

11. DIY Shambala Hemp Bracelet

Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu mythology, Shambala styled adjustable bracelet is a popular choice amidst all. The knotting style used here is square.

DIY Hemp Bracelet with Crystals

12. Wavy Hemp Bracelet

Instruction for Making Hemp Bracelets

13. How to Make a Fishtail Hemp Bracelet

Worried about what to do during your sleepover party? Make some hemp bracelets with the intricate fishtail braiding style using hemp twines.

How to Braid a Hemp Bracelet

14. Hemp Bracelet with Celtic Knots

The famous Celtic knot can be on your bracelet too! Yes! Check out the tutorial for learning how to make the knot and once you have mastered the art, making such bracelets is just about time.

DIY Celtic Wide Knot Hemp Bracelet

15. Hemp Charm Bracelet

For a chunky bracelet, use as many beads and buttons as possible. Such bracelets will help you pull off a bohemian look.

Hemp Charm Bracelet

16. Beaded Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet with Beads

17. Step-by-Step Instruction for a Twisted Hemp Bracelet

Twisted Pattern for Hemp Bracelet

Colorful threads and the twisted pattern of the bracelet is intimidating that everyone will love it at first sight.

Spiral Hemp Bracelet

Surfer Hemp Bracelet

18. Thick Hemp Bracelets with Tibetan Beads

Make five square knots and then slot in a Tibetan bead and follow the order for the rest of your wristlet. In the end, just cut out the excess hemp and use glue to attach the remaining part.

Thick Hemp Bracelet

19. Hemp Bracelet with Metal Alloy Beads

Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

20. Green and Blue Hemp Bracelet

While blue and green is a soothing combo, red and yellow is a vibrant one. So is pink and orange. You may choose any combinations for your bracelet using the same instruction.

Wide Hemp String Bracelet

21. Hemp Bracelet for Teenagers

How to Make a Bracelet Out of Hemp

22. Friendship Day Bracelet

Friendship is a special bond that requires love and passion. Now, celebrate that special bond once again along with a rainbow colored bracelet.

Easy Hemp Friendship Bracelet

Rainbow Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Bracelet Pattern for Guys

The following colors are as beautiful as could be, offering freshness to your getup.

Advanced Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet Step-by-Step

23. Simple Hemp Wick Bracelet

Simple and Cool Hemp Wick Bracelet

Simplicity is elegant and this bracelet proves this once again.

Hemp Bracelet for Men

Thick Macramé Hemp Bracelet Patterns

24. Hemp Leather Bracelet

Using lettered beads will help you make a statement bracelet. The video will guide you thoroughly.

Hemp Leather Custom Bracelet Idea

25. Hemp Wish Bracelets

Hemp Wish Bracelets

26. Braided Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

Flat Braided Hemp Bracelet

27. Rasta Hemp Bracelet

If you are a fan of Bob Marley, Rasta hemp bracelet is the one accessory you must sport every time you step out, or you may gift one to your boyfriend.

Handmade Unique Rasta Hemp Bracelet

When you see there are so many styles to explore, why would you limit yourself to a specific one? Amidst countless designs, here are some best designs for beginners as well as professionals.

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