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7+ Fashionable Tutorials to Make a Guitar String Bracelet

Among the several upcycled items you can make a host of jewelries with, the string of your old dilapidated guitar is one of them. If you are immensely fascinated towards decorating your hands with colorful bracelets then take a sneak peek into the following DIYs and get a quick glimpse on the process of making guitar string bracelets of unique designs.

How to Make Guitar String Bracelet

Guitar String Bracelet: DIY

The green beads complement the gold bracelet well. If you are going for a silver string then confine to white or golden stones for a stunning effect.

Guitar String Bracelet

How to Make Rockish Bracelets from Guitar Strings

What more special can you gift your guitar-fanatic beau on Valentine’s Day eve than these rustic-patterned bracelets to give him a starry feeling.

Guitar String Bracelets

How to Make Bracelets with Guitar Strings: DIY

If you intend to make this as a Christmas gift then choose red and green charms or stones to attach to the bracelet.

How to Make a Bracelet with Guitar Strings

Instructions to Make a Guitar String Bangle Bracelet

Though shaped as a bangle, this enticing piece of jewelry can be conveniently worn as a bracelet. You can also add a special message to the picks attached to the bracelet for a personalized touch.

How to Make a Guitar String Bracelet

Tutorial to Make a Bracelet out of Used Guitar Strings

If you love experimenting with varied patterns then this braided design would be an interesting one for you to try. To make it look enticing, you may add small beads in between the braids.

Guitar String Bracelet Tutorial

How to Make Fashionable Men’s Bracelets from Guitar Strings

The braided bracelet pattern as shown in the tutorial would help you in making this stylish accessory in no time. The wrap pattern of the bracelets gives it a cool, funky look.

Fashionable Bracelets Made from Guitar Strings

Directions to Make Recycled Guitar String Bracelet: DIY

If you are a pro in guitar-playing just as the likes of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Herring, John Bell, or even the Phish band, then donne a stylish guitar pick necklace, get into a perfect rock star mood and set the stage on fire.

Guitar String Bracelet DIY

Interesting Ideas to Make Guitar String Bracelet

By taking a cue from the tutorials mentioned above you can make a sizzling bracelet by using a precious stone or gem, if you have managed to get hold of one.

Guitar String Bracelet with Stones

Another fabulous idea would be to make a base with leather and then wrap it with guitar strings as shown in the following image.

Guitar String Leather Bracelet

With a galore of these fashionable guitar string bracelets get set for a fulfilling experience and stuff your wardrobe with a host of these stylish jewelries. Apart from the strings of your old guitar, if you have some picks available then you may shape them into attractive necklaces or bracelets.

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