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63+ DIY Patterns and Ideas to Make Beaded Bracelets

Throw on a funky bracelet on your bare wrist to make a style statement. Hit a thrift store to collect a myriad of colorful beads and sew them into resplendent works of arms art. From cute friendship bands to charm bracelets, here are the coolest DIYs for making fashion-worthy pieces.

Beaded Bracelet Ideas

1. How to Make a Twisted Bracelet with Beads

The turquoise beads add a free-spirited look to your wrist. A great wear for a beach party.

Beaded Bracelet

2. White Beaded Bracelet

A fabulous wrist accessory designed with shimmering beads to jazz up your summer outfit.

Bead Bracelet Image

Similarly, you can make the bracelet look sparkly by adding golden beads.

Mens Gold Bead Bracelet

3. Masculine Beaded Bracelet

Fashion pieces of jewelry are no longer a woman’s thing. The men wouldn’t mind looking modish sporting the onyx-style bracelet.

Mens Beaded Bracelet

4. DIY Triple Colored Panama Hat Bracelet

The Panama hat pattern is simple to make for a last-minute gift. You can go for a tri-colored design as well for a contrasting effect.

Black Bead Bracelet

5. Men’s Style Black Bracelet

Bead Bracelet Men

6. DIY Simple Jade Bead Bracelet

Fall in love with the vivid pearls weaved into a casual bracelet for regular outings.

Bead Bracelet

7. How to Make a Beaded Yoga Bracelet

It is a great project for those having a fetish for gemstone beads. How about gifting it to your best pal?

How to Make a Beaded Bracelet

8. How to Make a Beaded Stretch Bracelet

The razzmatazz of the wristlet makes a bold statement when you are out in your floral summer dress.

Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Wildlife enthusiasts may want to add a little elephant ring to the bracelet beaded with different pellets. Who loves the red bracelet?

Elephant Bead Bracelet

You can try out the design with a butterfly or wolf bead too.

Lion Beaded Bracelet

9. Braided Seed Bead Bracelet Pattern

Seed Bead Bracelet

10. Wooden Beads Bracelet for Men

Here, you can use brown wooden beads instead of colorful beads.

Men’s Wooden Beaded Bracelet

Next time you find clear beads at a nearby charity store, get them home to make this bracelet.

Clear Bead Bracelet

11. DIY Beaded Tassel Bracelet

Beaded Tassel Bracelet

12. DIY Stacked Beaded Bracelets

Stacked Beaded Bracelets

13. Pink Beaded Bracelet Pattern

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

14. Leather Cord and Bead Bracelet

Thread the lustrous beads into the leather pieces to make a cool statement wrist wear.

Leather and Bead Bracelet

15. How to Make a Twisted Beaded Bracelet

Give a trendy twist to the bracelet, introducing a unique mix of colors. See what happens when you reveal it to your friends.

Beaded Bracelet

16. DIY Beaded Hemp Bracelet

Aren’t you enamored by this little piece of wrist art? Follow the tutorial to know the steps.

Bead Bracelet DIY

17. Beaded DIY Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

18. Rhinestone Cross Beaded Bracelet

The wristlet’s take on a tribal pattern would make you wish for occasions to flaunt it.

Beaded Cross Bracelet

19. DIY Wrap Bracelet with Faux Gemstones

The style hack is worth-applauding as it does not involve the use of original gemstones.

Gemstone Bead Bracelet

20. Blue Beaded Bracelet

The luxurious single-tone wrist accessory exudes glitz and charm. Moreover, the bracelet has a clasp for easy wear.

How to Make Bead a Bracelet

21. Easy and Elegant Beaded Bracelet

At first glance, nobody will be able to believe that the bracelet is a versatile piece of DIY.

Beaded Bracelet Pattern

22. How to Make Your Own Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelet

Smoky and dramatic, lava stones paired with crimp beads helps keep the energy flow throughout you.

Lava Bead Bracelet

23. How to Make a Mala Beads Bracelet

Associated with spirituality and mystery mala beads weaved into a bracelet lends a neutral effect to your paraphernalia.

Mala Beads Bracelet

Hunt for these special Japanese prayer beads at a craft or online store and create a mystic arm candy.

Prayer Bead Bracelet

24. Green Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded bracelets are great for summer wear as they have a minimalist feel without being too flashy.

DIY Beaded Bracelet

25. Handmade Pearl Beaded Bracelet

Although diamonds are girl’s best friends, pearls are hard to resist. Instead of a regular wire, you can use a cute pink ribbon.

Beads Bracelet Design

26. Bubbly Glass Bead Bracelet

Making your bracelet with marble stones gives the piece a ravishing look.

Glass Bead Bracelet

27. Power Beads Bracelet

Here is a stylish bracelet with a tinge of traditional Chinese flavor. Bet you will fall in love with the Tibetan prayer bracelet.

Buddha Beads Bracelet

Try out the same pattern with a little turtle. Have you some amethyst stones? You can make an alluring purple bracelet.

Turtle Bead Bracelet

28. DIY Fish or Fruit Beaded Bracelet

The beading detail of the bracelet has an unspoken charm that you won’t be able to resist.

Perler Beaded Bracelet

29. Charm Bracelet Bead Bracelet

Besides seed beads, there are Tibetan style toggles strung around the twisted chain for a unique embellishment.

Bead Charm Bracelet

30. Beading American Indian Bracelet

Call it the Navajo or Peruvian tend, here the tutorial provides an easy trick to whip up the remarkable wristlet.

Native American Beaded Bracelet

31. DIY – Pink Bead Cuff Bracelet

The eccentric accessory is a work of chains and beads. You can experiment further with other types of beads as well.

Beaded Cuff Bracelet

32. Making Loomed Bracelets with a Ricks Beading Loom

Bead Loom Bracelet

33. DIY Halloween Beaded Bracelet

The final addition to your Halloween costume is a creepy skull beaded armlet.

Skull Bead Bracelet

34. Orange Beaded Bracelet

Sleek and stylish, the creative piece will have the friends drooling over it. Don’t you miss your long-distance pals?

Beaded Friendship Bracelet

35. Plastic Bead Bracelet

The hair beads that have been an all-time favorite of rock stars find their way in the vibrant bracelet.

Pony Bead Bracelet

36. Nepal Chain Stitch Beaded Bracelet

The bold and classy bracelet is a work of fine Nepal chain stitch. Something modest on the wrist is always welcome.

Nepal Beaded Bracelet

37. Easy Tutorial on Bracelet with Crystals

Clusters of rhinestones and petty pearls are woven together to dish out a party-ready circlet.

Crystal Bead Bracelet

38. Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet

Rosary Beads Bracelet

39. DIY Delicate Ankle Bracelet

Here’s another creation with a flexible clasp and sufficient room to fit in some more shiny beads.

Beaded Ankle Bracelet

40. African DIY Bead Loom Bracelet

Although summer is officially over, you can still start preparing for next year to flaunt your arms in the sun.

African Bead Bracelet

41. Sparkly Glass Bead and Crystal Bracelet

Pandora Bracelet Beads

42. Double-Sided Chain Stone Bracelet

Stone Bead Bracelet

43. Popular Paper Bead Bracelet

Scraps of magazine paper are rolled into beads and strung together for a rapturous look.

Paper Bead Bracelet

44. Handmade Beaded Bracelet

The hippie look demands a chic boho bracelet for turning the heads. It’s an inspiration for those who love to show off a multitude of colors.

Bohemian Beaded Bracelet

45. Homemade Letter Beaded Bracelet

A bracelet with a special message or your name is the best statement piece you have in your accessory storage.

Beaded Word Bracelet

46. Fancy Beaded Bracelet

Doesn’t it look like a bunch of bracelets in varied styles is wound around your arm?

Swarovski Crystal Beaded Bracelet

47. Trendy Wire-Wrapped Beaded Bracelet

The wire-wrapped bracelet does it again, but this time you have the copper tone for an outlandish display.

Beaded Wire Bracelet

48. Memory Wire Tube Beaded Bracelet

The dual personality of a tube bracelet is that it matches any beads and makes sturdy wear.

Beaded Tube Bracelet

49. Simple Beaded Bracelet

The bigger, the bolder when it comes to a night out accessory. However, without Czech beads, you cannot get the look.

Beaded Ladder Bracelet

50. Multi-strand Beaded Cord

Craft this stunning Kumihimo bracelet like no one is watching you. The result would be a gorgeous arm candy.

Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet

51. Huichol Style Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Huichol Bracelet

52. Russian Spiral Beaded Bracelet

The art of beading comes from the fact that you get better with the different styles of bracelet-making.

Beaded Spiral Bracelet

53. Easy Bicone Crystal Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bicone Bracelet

54. DIY Bracelet with Flower and Heart Beads

The perfect mix of hearts and flowers makes for a nice studded bracelet.

Beaded Heart Bracelet

55. Kid Elastic Beaded Bracelet

Now you have a reason to keep a huge stock of colorful rubber bands and beads at home.

Beaded Rubber Band Bracelet

56. Rainbow Loom and Bead Bracelet

Beaded Rainbow Loom Bracelet

57. Festive Beaded Bracelet

When everything in the house is holiday-themed, you too would love to adorn a nice bangle-cum bracelet.

Beaded Christmas Bracelet

58. DIY Shrinky Beaded Bracelet

How about showing off a bracelet representing the glorious colors of your national flag this independence day?

Beaded Flag Bracelet

59. Sculpey Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Polymer Clay Bracelet

60. Mixed Watch Beaded Bracelet

The boring watch locked inside the drawer can be given a pompous makeover for a fun wrist wrap.

Beaded Watch Bracelet

61. DIY Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet

An exotic bracelet of the ancient era is now a popular trend among the fashion-loving women.

Beaded Ring Bracelet

62. Small Daisy Beaded Bracelets

Thread and Bead Bracelet

63. Girls Beaded Bracelet

Express your creativity using myriad safety pins to exhibit beads of various colors and shapes.

Safety Pin Bead Bracelet

The list is huge for taking a pick, right from a simple single-bead bracelet to a hefty crystal-studded wrap. Start digging out the beads, wires, and jump rings to make the most of it.

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