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19 Dog Sweater and Coat Free Knitting Patterns

Your four-legged friends would definitely be in need of a sweater or coat to keep themselves warm in the chilling winters. Small sized dogs with a light body, the toy varieties and those with a short, thin coat are more in need of a comfy sweater or winter clothes to keep their skin protected. If you are interested in knitting try designing a nice and warm sweater for your dog, the free patterns, given below would help you with the same.

Knitting Dog Sweater and Coat Pattern Pictures

1. Exquiss Knitting Needles Set

18pcs Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles with Colored Tube + 36pcs Single Pointed Bamboo Knitting Needles + Weaving Tools Knitting Kits.
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Exquiss Knitting Needles Set
Exquiss Knitting Needles Set

2. Alpaca Yarn for Knitting

Alpaca is a lovely yarn spun from 100% superfine alpaca. The alpaca fiber is untreated, which means that it is only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality.
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Alpaca Yarn For Knitting
Alpaca Yarn For Knitting

3. Rainbow Pooch Sweater Knit Pattern

The multi-colored sweater is sure to attract your dog’s attention at the instant.

Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

4. Free Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern for Christmas

For a personalized touch, you could right even knit your pet’s name on the sweater or coat, though that could be a little difficult.

Knitting Pattern for Dog Christmas Sweater

5. CandyCorn Free Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern

When all members of your house have decked up in fashionable outfits to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, why leave your dog behind! He would be delighted to be dressed as candy corn.

Free Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern

6. Life is Ruff Knit Dog Sweater Free Pattern

If your dog is restless or fidgety avoid putting the button, instead you could stitch or crochet a pretty flower at the centre.

Free Knitting Pattern for Dog Sweater

7. Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern for Beginners

The seed stitches alternating the knit and purl pattern used here makes this a perfect pick for beginners.

Knitting Pattern for Dog Sweater Beginner

8. Easy Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern in the Round

The circular pattern used here with the knit and purl stitches is another great option for those to try who have just set their hands on knitting. Using a chunky yarn would add fullness and softness to the sweater.

Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern In The Round

9. Easy Free Pattern to Knit a Sweater for Your Large Dog

Knitting a sweater for a large dog is a little troublesome and the pattern shown here would certainly help for people with larger breeds like Boxers, Dalmatians or Alsatians.

Free Knitting Pattern for Large Dog Sweater

10. Puppy, Small Dog and Teacup Dog Sweater Free Knitting Pattern and Instructions

Though this pattern is for puppies, you could also make it for smaller dogs which are toy sized. While designing it for Chihuahuas or Yorkies you could design in size bigger than the pattern shown here.

Free Knitted Sweater Pattern for Small Dogs

11. Knitting Pattern for Dog Sweaters on a Round Loom

Knitting on a loom is always more comfortable than needles. This tutorial uses a small round loom with 24 pegs.

Loom Knit Dog Sweater Pattern

12. Machine Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern Instructions

If you have a machine at home and want to knit using the same then this tutorial would be handy. Worsted weight yarn has been used here with the back as well as the belly being knitted separately and stitched later.

Machine Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern

13. Flat Knit Dog Sweater Free Pattern

Flat Knit Dog Sweater Pattern

14. A Beautiful Hooded Knitting Sweater Free Pattern

A hood attached to the sweater would protect your dog’s head too from the cold.

Hooded Dog Sweater Knitted Pattern

15. Knitting a Dog Coat for a Dachshund

The sweater should be knit keeping the Dachshund’s long body in mind.

Knitting Pattern for Dachshund Dog Sweater

16. Simple Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern Tutorial

The picture shown here is similar to the pattern in the tutorial barring the size and also the two colors of wools used to make a striped pattern.

Simple Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

17. Free Cable Knit Dog Sweater Pattern

The cable pattern may be a little tough for the beginners but definitely adds class and elegance to the sweater.

Free Cable Knit Dog Sweater Pattern

18. Sock Monkey Dog Sweater Free Pattern

The cute sock monkey pattern would fascinate your dog to the fullest.

Sock Monkey Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

19. Step by Step Instructions to Knit a Dog Coat

Dog Coat Knitting Pattern

20. Woolen Dog Coat Free Knitting Pattern

Avoid taking your dog out in the snow or rain when he has this coat on as it could dampen.

Knitting Pattern for Dog Coat

21. Hand Knitted Free Coat Patterns for Large Dogs

Hand Knitted Dog Coat Free Pattern

The sweater or coat that you make would vary according to your dog’s body type, for instance, it would be XS (Extra Small) for a Chihuahua, S (Small) for a Bichon Frise, and Medium for a Cocker Spaniel. With this array of designs at hand, knitting a fabulous coat for your dog would be a cakewalk. You could even crochet a sweater or coat for your canine friend by taking cue from the tutorial here.

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  1. Buffalo says:

    These dog sweaters would be great for a donation to the SPCA and the animal shelters.

  2. Joan Herald says:

    thank you for the free patterns they are beautiful . I have 12 pairs of slippers knit,5 beanie hats and 3 hats with pom poms. now I am going to knit a dog’s sweater. thank you again.

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