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9 Free Patterns to Make a Jelly Roll Rug

The jelly roll fabric has an immensely enticing appearance because of its rolled appearance and fantastic color combination. The jelly roll fabric has a host of uses, one of which being designing them into pretty rugs that can be used as placemats, table mats, or coffee mats. The tutorials below would guide you into making a jelly roll rug with ease.

Jelly Roll Rug Pattern Pictures

1.  DIY to Make a Jelly Roll Rug

The circular arrangement of the fabric gives the rug a chic appearance.

Jelly Roll Rug

2. Free Pattern to Make a Round Jelly Roll Quilt

This colossal rug would be perfect for decorating the floor of your living room, serving the purpose of a carpet.

Jelly Roll Rug Pattern

3. How to Make a Jelly Roll Rug with Ease

How to Make a Jelly Roll Rug

4. Tutorial to Make a Square Jelly Roll Rug

You could make a jelly roll rug of any shape, and this rectangular, striped pattern is for sure to add sophistication to your home décor.

Jelly Roll Square Rug Tutorial

5. Jelly Roll Rug Turned Placemats DIY

You could transform your jelly roll rug into colorful placemats as the one in this tutorial to grace your dining table.

Jelly Roll Rug Placemats

6. How to Convert a Round Jelly Roll Rug Into a Christmas Tree Skirt

The jelly roll rug indeed comes with a multipurpose utility as besides converting it into a placemat of table mat, it could even serve as a wonderful skirt for your Christmas tree.

Colossal Round Jelly Roll Rug

7. Instructions  to Make a Jelly Roll Rug for a Coffee Mug

The colorful combination of the fabrics adds brightness to this jelly roll coffee mug.

Jelly Roll Mug Rug

8. Rectangular Jelly Roll Rug Quilt DIY

The zig-zag stitch helps sewing the binding properly.

Rectangle Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial

9. Directions to Design a Jelly Roll Rug Pattern with Confetti Ombre Fabric

The confetti ombre fabric gives the rug a sparkly effect.

Directions for Jelly Roll Rug

With these useful tutorials at hand, making a jelly roll quilt of any shape you desire would be a cakewalk for you. You could even make a host of other things using the jelly roll fabric like a quilt, tote bag, blanket, and so on.

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