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20 Heart Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Heart friendship bracelets offer a beautiful way to express your feelings to your special one. Though red is the go-to color for this accessory, you can try out unconventional colors to make them eye-catchy. The person wearing it would have enough reasons to think about you when he/she is wearing this jewelry.

Friendship Heart Bracelet Pattern Pictures

1. How Do You Make a Heart Friendship Bracelet

Heart friendship bracelets in different colors are great Mother’s Day gifts. You would need two colors of embroidery thread for a single bracelet.

Heart Friendship Bracelets

2. Friendship Bracelet in Heart Pattern

For this DIY you would need embroidery thread in 2 different colors, clip and rigid cardboard or hardcover book, safety pin and scissors.

Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern

3. DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

These unique bracelets are adjustable and simple to make. They are a perfect for teens, tweens and grown-ups too.

How to Make a Heart Friendship Bracelet

4. Hearts Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Heart patterned friendship bracelets beautifully express freshly blooming love on Valentine’s Day. Candy-colored embroidery floss looks good on the bracelets.

Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelets

5. Friendship Bracelet Hearts Pattern

This tutorial starts with cutting strings in the colors of your choice. You would need to cut 4 strands, 2 for each color.

Friendship Bracelet Heart Pattern

6. Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern for Beginners

You would need to measure the embroidery thread that you use so that it is twice the length of your arm. Cut and do this twice for each color.

Cool Friendship Bracelet Heart Pattern

7. Charming Heart Friendship Bracelets

For these cute bracelets, the supplies are friendship thread, tape and scissors. If you want to make them removable, you would also need a chain, jewelry pliers, lobster claw, metal crimps and jump rings.

Heart Friendship Bracelets

8. Friendship Bracelets in Heart Shape

Start making this bracelet by cutting 4 strands of each color (you would need 2 colors of thread). You should have 8 strands in total. For the rest, click on the link above.

Heart Shaped Friendship Bracelets

9. How to Make an Easy Heart Friendship Bracelet

Easy Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern

10. How to Heart Friendship Bracelet

You are required to cut 2 strands of each color, fold them in half, place a pencil and tie a knot. Then you should use some tape to hold them in place on a table.

Heart Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

11. Heart Friendship Bracelet Step by Step Pattern

Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern Step By Step

12. Cute Horizontal Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Horizontal Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern

13. Lovely Double Heart Friendship Bracelet

This adorable bracelet looks complicated, but it is quite easy to make. You should lay out your strings in 2 colors alternately as directed in the above linked guide.

Double Heart Friendship Bracelet

14. Heart Friendship Bracelet Video Guide

Heart Friendship Bracelet Video

15. Friendship Bracelet of Hearts

Friendship Bracelets Hearts

16. Homemade Heart Friendship Bracelets

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelets

17. Love Heart Friendship Bracelet for Your Valentine

Love Heart Friendship Bracelet

18. Step By Step Instructions for Friendship Bracelet in Heart Design

Heart Design Friendship Bracelet Step by Step Instructions

19. Friendship Bracelets with Heart Knots

Friendship Bracelets with Hearts

20. BFF Mini Heart Friendship Bracelet Video

BFF Mini Heart Friendship Bracelet

There is a special connect that you develop with these DIY bracelets when you make them on your own. They are so much more appealing than the commercial ones. They also give you the freedom to choose the shades of your choice. Go ahead, pick a design, make them and let them spread the message of love.

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