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How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets: 40 DIYs

Fill up your accessory box with a plethora of bracelets made from ordinary rubber bands to dress your wrist with bold colors. Whether you want to make a friendship band or gift your mother something unique, rubber band bracelets would be a feasible choice. The following DIYs have all the elements you are looking for an idiosyncratic wrist piece.

Rubber Bands to Make Bracelets

1. Rubber Band Bracelet: How-To

Make your wrist colorful as the rainbow donning this wonderful bracelet done by a pair of dolly pegs and a crochet hook.

Rubber Band Bracelets

2. How to Make Rubber Band Bracelet: DIY

Weave a fabulous bracelet using a combination of tons of rubber bands and acrylic beads.

How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

3. Simple Plastic Rubber Band Bracelet

Using two rubber bands of different colors you can braid a chunky armlet to add some oomph and glam.

Rubber Band Bracelet

4. Making a Rubber Band Bracelet

How to Make a Rubber Band Bracelet

5. How to Make Rubber Band Bracelet with Loom

The tiny rubber bands attached to the main bracelet look like a chain sequence. At first glance, nobody would be able to make it out.

Rubber Band Bracelets with Loom

6. Loom Rubber Band Bead Bracelet Pattern

Tiny beads attached to the bracelet add more charm. It is an ideal accessory wear for a hippie look.

Rubber Band Bracelet Patterns

7. Making Rubber Band Bracelet Without Loom

Rubber Band Bracelets without Loom

8. How to Make Cool Rubber Band Bracelet

Starburst bracelets are fabulous to wear around your wrist. You can mix and match with rubber bands of other colors as well.

Cool Rubber Band Bracelets

9. Rubber Band Bracelet Loom Instructions

Work on this simple bracelet with a crochet hook to adorn your wrist with something funky.

Rubber Band Bracelet Loom

10. Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet

Try out this fishtail pattern with a couple of rubber bands taking help from pencils instead of a loom.

How to Make a Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet

11. How to Make a Starburst Bracelet out of Rubber Bands

Glam up your wrist with a gorgeous starburst bracelet and get everyone smitten by it. You may mix it up with other accessory materials.

Rubber Band Bracelet Starburst

12. How Do You Make a Ladder Rubber Band Bracelet

Choose a multicolored pattern for this escalator bracelet pattern for adding a modest element to your bare wrist.

Ladder Rubber Band Bracelet

13. Making Rubber Band Bracelet with Pencils

Make Rubber Band Bracelets with Pencils

14. Hair Tie Rubber Band Bracelet

A couple of chains and hair ties can be turned into a fashionable circlet. Rock it with a boho-chic look.

Hair Rubber Band Bracelet

15. Heart Rubber Band Bracelet Style

Rather than spending a fortune at the mall to buy bracelets, you can make a stunning piece at home. Show it off to your friends and get some praises.

Heart Rubber Band Bracelet

16. Single Rubber Band Bracelet

Beginners would find this tutorial useful and easy for getting hands-on experience working with a loom. Moreover, you don’t require loads of elastic bands.

How to Make a Single Rubber Band Bracelet

17. Dragon Tail Rubber Band Bracelet Design

An exquisite statement piece, the bracelet adds more volume slender wrists, making you maintain a minimalist style.

How to Make a Dragon Tail Rubber Band Bracelet

18. Easy Rubber Band Bracelet with Fingers

Forget the loom as this magnificent bracelet can be weaved with fingers, giving you a creative reason to stack those grocery rubber bands.

How to Make the Rubber Band Bracelets with Your Fingers

19. How to do a Fishtail Bracelet with Rubber Bands by Hands

How to Make the Rubber Band Bracelets by Hands

20. Make a Triple Single Rubber Band Bracelet

Sophisticated and radiant, this chunky and thick bracelet gives a drastic transformation to your bare wrist.

How to Make a Triple Rubber Band Bracelet

21. Christmas Rubber Band Bracelet Design

Lap out a casual and attractive bracelet right before Christmas to keep your wrist ready with some holiday shades.

Christmas Rubber Band Bracelets

22. Custom Christmas Rubber Band Bracelet

Although Halloween is not showing up soon, you take an idea from this tutorial to pair up your costume next time with this tutorial.

Rubber Band Bracelet Charms

23. How to Do Thick Rubber Band Bracelet

The combination of light tones for this bracelet would be most suitable for your accessory requirements.

How to Make Thick Rubber Band Bracelets

24. How to Make Rubber Band Bracelet with Mini Rubber Bands

This bracelet is made out of little rubber bands and adorned with wooden beads to fashionably deck your wrist.

Mini Rubber Band Bracelets

25. Double Rubber Band Bracelet DIY

How to Make a Double Rubber Band Bracelet

26. New Rubber Band Chain Bracelet

Utilize your free weekend to make a colorful bracelet with recycled rubber bands otherwise lying in your kitchen.

Rubber Band Chain Bracelet

27. DIY Rubber Band Bracelets without Loom

Keep the borders black to highlight the other colors of the rubber bands. So you have another starburst wrist accessory in your kitty.

Rubber Band Bracelet Patterns without Rainbow Loom

28. How to Make Raindrop Rubber Band Bracelets with Fingers

Rainbow Rubber Band Bracelets

29. Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet with Directions

Craft this sleek rubber band bracelet to add some preppy vibe to your entire look.

Rubber Band Friendship Bracelets

30. How to Do a Wide Fishtail Bracelet with Rubber Bands

Wide Rubber Band Bracelets

31. How to Make a French Braid Rubber Band Bracelet

Wrap this vibrant bracelet around your wrist and flaunt it to your friends. You can make one for your best friend as well.

Rubber Band Bracelet French Braid

32. Easy Rubber Band Bracelet with Fork

Revive the age-old tradition of tying friendship bands more creatively with some rubber bands, C-clips, and a fork.

Rubber Band Bracelet Fork

33. Personalized Flower Rubber Band Bracelet

Although the tutorial is about making a flower with rubber bands, you can take help from the other DIYs to make an entire bracelet.

Rubber Band Bracelet Flower

34. 3-Pin Hexafish Rubber Band Bracelet

The magic of DIY can induce a new life into a bunch of dispensable rubber bands and add some style quotient to your ensemble.

Rubber Band Bracelet Hexafish

35. Making a Quadruple Rubber Band Bracelet

You have to do double the work while weaving this thick multi-layered bracelet but at the end, it would worth the effort.

Quadruple Rubber Band Bracelet

36. Easy Zigzag Rubber Band Bracelet

Zigzag Rubber Band Bracelet

37. Make Zip Rubber Band Bracelet: Step-by-Step

Celebrate a true amp party with loads of celebrations and fun donning this zipline-designed bracelet for your arm.

Zipline Rubber Band Bracelet

38. How to Make a Bracelet out of Rubber Bands

How to Make Bracelet with Rubber Bands

39. How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet with Rubber Bands

Fashion-enthusiasts need not have to splurge on expensive accessories when they can do something creative and feasible at home.

How Do You Make Rubber Band Bracelet

40. Latex-Free Elastic Rubber Band Bracelet Idea

Rubber Band Bracelet Idea

This summer sit with your other DIY enthusiast friends and make these unique bracelets. You will be more than happy accessorizing your wrists with these lovely armlets.

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