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28 Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Tutorials

Polymer clay jewelry adds an unconventional dimension to your attire and makes you stand out in a crowd. They also speak volumes about your inclination towards craft. They can jazz up even a drab formal outfit with a fun pop of color. Our tutorials are easy to follow and would inspire you to make jewelry of your own.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Ideas

1. Beautiful Polymer Clay Jewelry

These pretty necklaces are a combination of polymer clay, wood and metal beads. They can be left in their natural look or spray painted in colors of your choice.

Polymer Clay Jewelry

2. Making Jewelry with Polymer Clay

A rectangular polymer clay pendant in such intricate design would look gorgeous as a gift for your friend or on yourself. Just string a thread through the metallic loop on top and wear it as a necklace.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

3. Cute Polymer Clay Jewelry Idea

A yummy ice cream cone on your neck or worn as earrings (in a pair) would look refreshing on warm summer days. Don’t even think of gulping it down when you feel hot as they are made of polymer clay and not any food item.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Idea

More polymer clay earring DIYs

4. Polymer Clay Jewelry DIY

Give a personal touch to your jewelry by engraving your initials on a polymer clay bracelet. It looks sleep and can be worn to office as well as parties.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

5. Polymer Clay Jewelry How-to Video

Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial Video

6. Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Tutorial

Indulge in crafting polymer clay to make a lovely earring and necklace set. The medium is versatile, pliable and doesn’t require you to have a bunch of expensive tools.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

7. Initial Jewelry Made From Polymer Clay

The main supplies for this project are polymer clay, craft glue and knife, pencil, cardstock, scissors, flex wire, crimp beads, jump rings, necklace clasp and needle nose pliers.

Jewelry Made From Polymer Clay

8. Halloween Jewelry Made With Polymer Clay

Don’t forget to wear gloves as you make this Halloween themed bracelet. It eliminates unwanted fingerprints on your jewelry. It boasts of polymer clay ghosts, pumpkins, and other spooky elements stringed together.

Polymer Clay Halloween Jewelry

9. Fancy Jewelry Made Out Of Polymer Clay

For this stylish necklace choose contemporary colors and adhere to detailed designs. The first step involves softening the clay to prevent cracks and breakage.

Jewelry Made Out Of Polymer Clay

10. Polymer Clay Art Jewelry

This jewelry boasts of the look of beach pebbles, but it is only polymer clay beads. Wear it to a get-together and keep the guests guessing about when was the last time you visited a beach!

Polymer Clay Jewelry Art

11. Disc-Shaped Contemporary Polymer Clay Jewelry

Make this necklace in colors that match your mood and outfit. It can also be given off as a gift that will be loved by the recipient for its trendy look.

Contemporary Polymer Clay Jewelry

12. Polymer Clay Food Jewelry

Foodies are going to love these polymer clay pendants in the shape of miniature marble and cupcakes. You need to get the colors perfect for the yummy look.

How to Make Polymer Clay Food Jewelry

13. Leaf-Shaped Polymer Clay Jewelry

You would need polymer clay in the desired colors, jewelry wire, a baking container or baking paper, transparent nail polish, oven and pliers for this easy and quick project.

How to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry

14. DIY Free Polymer Clay Jewelry Project

It would be fun to sport a tiny cactus as a pendant. Those with a sweet tooth would adore a couple of ice cream scoops dangling from their necks.

Free DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Project

15. DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry for Beginners

This handmade pendant and earring set is inspired by dripped paint and watercolor paintings. It would add an artistic twist to any outfit that you wear.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Making For Beginners

16. Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Technique

Polymer Clay Jewelry Technique

17. How to Use Polymer Clay for Jewelry

How to Use Polymer Clay to Make Jewelry

18. Free Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial Free

19. Polymer Clay Steampunk Jewelry Tutorial

Polymer Clay Steampunk Jewelry

20. Pretty Polymer Clay Flower Jewelry

Polymer Clay Flower Jewelry

21. Colorful Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry

22. Modern Translucent Polymer Clay Jewelry Instructions

Modern Translucent Polymer Clay Jewelry

23. Polymer Clay Jewelry in Christmas Designs

Polymer Clay Christmas Designs Jewelry

24. Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer Clay for Jewelry Making

25. Polymer Clay Face Pendants

Polymer Clay Pendants

26. Glam Polymer Clay Heart Pendants

Polymer Clay Heart Pendants

27. Unique Polymer Clay Necklace

Polymer Clay Necklace

28. Romantic Polymer Clay Rose Necklace

Polymer Clay Rose Necklace

The floral jewelry would suit spring. The rose pendant can be done without the leaf if you wish and could be given as a gift to your Valentine. You will find that the jewelry featured above is an eclectic mix of vintage (beads and leaves) and modern designs. Get ready to splurge in some creative DIY stuff.

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