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16+ Ways to Make Wish Bracelets

Wish bracelets are the perfect wedding favors that you could make on your own at a shoestring budget. They are also the perfect gifting options for your friends, family and lover on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. You are supposed to make a wish while wearing it and when it breaks off naturally, your wish is expected to get fulfilled. This is how most wish bracelets work though some have minor changes in the rules that would be instructed in the card that comes with it.

Wish Bracelets Pictures

1. How to Make Wish Bracelets

Simple wish bracelets can be made with just a couple of beads, handmade wire charms a nice piece of cord. Get creative while composing the poems for the wish bracelet cards.

Wish Bracelets

2. DIY Wish Bracelet

This one is made from a hemp string and beads. You need a pair of scissors to cut the string to the desired size. If you want, you can thread in wish bone charms to the bracelet. The charms can be made by knotting the string itself or by bending wire without using any beads for the bracelet. You can even buy them at a nominal price.

Wish Bracelet

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3. Easy Make a Wish Bracelet

The ease of this craft makes it fit for kids. Made from seed beads and hemp, this one requires you to do a little bit of braiding with the string.

Make a Wish Bracelet

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4. Layered Wish Bracelet

The clasp closure of this seed bead wish bracelet makes it unique. You can attach it to the hemp bracelet by a pair of glue-on end caps and some metal or jewelry glue.

How to Make a Wish Bracelet

5. Wish Bracelet Guide with Card Template

This tutorial comes with free card templates for the wish bracelets. You will find the poems and sayings quite inspiring. Choose a vintage charm for this one.

Wish Bracelet DIY

6. Cool Wish Bracelet That Falls Off

Besides the instructions on creating the wish bracelet, the above-linked guide also comes with instructions on how to make the wish bracelet cards.

Wish Bracelet That Falls Off

7. Turquoise Wishing Bracelet

Wishing Bracelet

8. Stylish Infinity Wish Bracelet

Infinity Wish Bracelet

9. Elegant String Wish Bracelet

String Wish Bracelet

10. Designing a Personalized Wish Bracelet

Personalised Wish Bracelet

11. Homemade Wish Bracelet for Your Valentine

Valentine Wish Bracelet

12. Make Wish Bracelets from Hemp

Hemp Wish Bracelets

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13. Make a Wish Charm Bracelet as Baby Shower Favor

The above-linked post talks about baby shower decorations for a little boy. You need to scroll down to the part that describes the making of cute star wish bracelets that were the party favors.

Make a Wish Bracelet Baby Shower Favor

You can add a different style of charm for making it into a wish friendship bracelet.

Make a Wish Friendship Bracelet

14. Wish Bracelet Directions

Wish Bracelet Instructions

15. Wedding Wish Bracelet DIY

Wedding Wish Bracelets

16. Wish Bracelet Guide

A beaded wish bracelet put together with a delicate crochet pattern would beautifully capture the love for your dear one whom you want to give it as a gift. It only requires beginner level crocheting skills.

Wish Bracelet Tutorial

Kids, teens, tweens and even adults can sport these sleek bracelets. The unique designs make them the perfect accessory for your breezy summer dresses. It also shows that someone cares for you and your wishes. However, it is important to keep in mind that wishes can come true through diligent hard work and not by some miracle. If you firmly believe in this motto, your wish bracelets would surely work!

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