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68 Crochet Afghan Patterns

If you are thinking of a crochet project that would be ideal for taking up during the winter holidays, why not choose an afghan? Mostly repetitive, the patterns allow you to showcase a plethora of stitches such as shell, v, popcorn, single crochet and double crochet, among others. Pick a nice yarn color to make it all the more attractive.

Crochet Afghan Pattern Pictures

1. DIY Crochet Afghan Pattern

The beauty of this pattern is that it makes the yarn color changes in the rows less obvious. You would love to snuggle under this blanket while watching TV.

Crochet Afghan Pattern

2. Free Afghan Crochet Pattern

You are likely to get bowled over with the rich texture of this afghan. The pattern resembles falling petals and looks great when worked with cotton yarn.

Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

3. Elegant Crochet Afghan

You can keep this afghan on the bed, ready to drape on a cold winter night. It can be a gorgeous addition to any home.

Crochet Afghan

4. Baby Afghan Pattern to Crochet

This charming baby afghan is made with the shell and v stitches. This would make a brilliant baby shower gift.

Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

5. Easy Pattern for Crochet Afghan

Easy Crochet Afghan Pattern

6. Free Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

This baby crochet afghan is vintage-inspired and flaunts a cute lacy look. It helps to swaddle your little one and keep him cozy.

Free Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

7. All Free Pattern for Crochet Afghan

All Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

8. C2C Crochet Afghan Pattern with Picture

This is a dainty corner to corner crochet afghan that works up very fast. You start off the afghan at one point and work diagonally across. You can also make it in a smaller size for a baby afghan.

Crochet Afghan Pattern with Picture

9. Easy Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

The repetitive nature of this pattern makes it very easy to memorize and work up. So you would be able to finish it pretty fast.

Crochet Baby Afghan

10. Easy Crocheted Afghan

This would be a favorite springtime project for all crochet lovers out there. It is lacy and the combination of white, green and yellow yarn makes it fun to crochet.

Easy Crochet Afghan

11. One Piece Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

This bright purple afghan can be a great gift for a loved one. The intricate pattern is worked up with worsted weight yarn.

Free Crochet Afghan Pattern One Piece

12. How to Crochet an Afghan Steps

How to Crochet an Afghan

13. Easy Free Crochet Afghan Pattern

Free Easy Crochet Afghan Pattern

14. Gorgeous Striped Afghan Crochet Pattern

In this fun afghan, bobble stitches are worked on the wrong side. The colorful stripes on the afghan make it a lovely décor item.

Gorgeous Crochet Afghan Pattern

15. Free Beautiful American Flag Afghan Crochet Pattern

This American flag crochet afghan pattern would be a great project in the run-up to the 4th of July. The wavy ripple pattern looks dainty.

Free Beautiful Crochet Afghan Pattern

16. Free Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern

Crochet Ripple Afghan

17. Crochet Pattern for Large Ripple Afghan

Large Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern

18. Sampler Afghan Crochet Pattern

This decorative stitch sampler afghan would be perfect for your room. The lovely pastel colors of yarn add to the looks of this beautiful crocheted piece.

Crochet Sampler Afghan

19. Crochet Sea Shell Stitch Afghan Pattern

A shell afghan crochet pattern looks lovely and is a great project for beginners. It boasts of a scalloped design and a striped pattern.

Sea Shell Afghan Crochet Pattern

20. Beginner Crochet Afghan Pattern

Beginner Crochet Afghan

21. Pattern for Crochet Chevron Afghan

You would fall in love with this Jacob’s ladder crochet afghan pattern. You can make it for your dad as a gift for Father’s Day.

Chevron Afghan Crochet Pattern

22. Free Christmas Crochet Afghan Pattern

Crochet Christmas Afghan

23. Free Printable Sunflower Afghan Crochet Pattern

This easy crochet sunflower afghan pattern is a great attention grabber. The written instructions are complemented with a video tutorial.

Free Printable Sunflower Crochet Afghan Pattern

24. Mile A Minute Crochet Afghan Free Pattern

This mile a minute crochet baby afghan is a great way to use up your scrap yarn. It presents you with the opportunity to combine yarns of different colors.

Mile A Minute Crochet Afghan Pattern

25. Ripple Crochet Afghan in Single Crochet

A single crochet chevron afghan pattern can add an element of décor to your interiors. The combination of mint, gray and white has a subdued charm that is hard to miss. The single crochet zig-zag afghan pattern can be customized according to your preferences.

Single Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern

26. Granny Square Crochet Afghan Pattern

The burst of colors in a crochet granny square afghan pattern would leave you mesmerized. It boasts of a vintage charm.

Square Afghan Crochet Pattern

27. Free Double Crochet Chevron (Ripple) Afghan Pattern

This all double crochet chevron afghan pattern would win you over with its looks. Apart from the written instructions, there is a diagram for an easy understanding of the wave afghan crochet pattern.

Double Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern

28. Free Crochet One Day Afghan Pattern for Beginners

Beginners, as well as advanced crocheters, can make this pattern pretty fast. You need the knowledge of basic crochet stitches and bulky yarn for this project.

One Day Crochet Afghan Pattern

29. Unique 4 Color Crochet Afghan Pattern

Two classic designs are combined in this attractive pattern. One is the granny square and the other is a ripple pattern.

Unique Crochet Afghan Pattern

30. Classy Wedding Afghan Crochet Pattern

Wedding Afghan Crochet Pattern

31. Free Aran Afghan Crochet Pattern

Crochet Aran Afghan Pattern

32. Crochet Bobble Stitch Afghan Pattern For Free

Free Crochet Bobble Stitch Afghan Pattern

33. Free Printable Crochet Navajo Afghan Pattern

This free western crochet afghan pattern would bowl you over with its looks. The written instructions are supported by a video tutorial.

Navajo Afghan Crochet Pattern

34. Pattern for Tunisian Crochet Afghan

Tunisian Crochet Afghan Pattern

35. Awesome Block Afghan Crochet Pattern

The solid colors of this color block afghan complement each other, adding beauty to any room. It is made of 63 squares of half double crochet.

36. Adorable Crochet Elephant Afghan Pattern for Free

Crochet Elephant Afghan Pattern Free

37. Fab Modern Crochet Afghan Pattern

Modern Crochet Afghan Pattern

38. Afghan That You Can Crochet In One Hour

One Hour Crochet Afghan

39. Round Crochet Afghan Pattern

Round Afghan Crochet Pattern

40. Simple Afghan Pattern to Crochet

Simple Crochet Afghan Pattern

41. Pattern for Variegated Yarn Crochet Afghan

This crochet afghan is made using bulky-weight yarn making it quick to complete and super warm for you. It beautifully showcases the effect of variegated yarn.

Variegated Yarn Crochet Afghan Pattern

42. Vintage Filet Crochet Afghan Pattern You Would Love

Vintage Filet Crochet Afghan Pattern

43. Classy Baby Boy Afghan Crochet Pattern

Basic cluster stitches make crocheting this baby boy afghan easy. It’s also simple to alter the colors o this project.

Baby Boy Afghan Crochet Pattern

44. Gorgeous Crochet Cable Afghan Pattern

Crochet Cable Afghan Pattern

45. Cute Crochet Cat Afghan Pattern

Crochet Cat Afghan Pattern

46. Flower Afghan Crochet Pattern

This bloomy afghan is made with Aran weight yarn and includes colorwork and motifs. It could offer you an excellent way to learn how to crochet a flower afghan. It can be a great spring project and gift.

Crochet Flower Afghan

47. Nice Heirloom Crochet Afghan Pattern

Heirloom Crochet Afghan Pattern

48. Easy and Quick Crochet Afghan Pattern

Quick and Easy Crochet Afghan Pattern

49. Snowflake Crochet Afghan Pattern

Snowflake Afghan Crochet Pattern

50. Star Crochet Afghan Pattern

This makes a great baby shower gift. You can wrap your little one snuggly with it. It comes with a video for easy comprehension.

Star Afghan Crochet Pattern

51. Weekend Crocheted Afghan

This cozy afghan allows you to snuggle in with a book and a hot cuppa on a fall evening. It uses an open weave style and can be a perfect homemade gift.

Weekend Crochet Afghan

52. Zig Zag Crochet Afghan Pattern

Zig Zag Afghan Crochet Pattern

53. Free 6 Point Star Afghan Crochet Pattern

6 Point Star Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

54. Broomstick Afghan Crochet Pattern

This is not a traditional broomstick lace afghan. It has popcorn designs incorporated for a unique texture. You can omit them if you wish.

Broomstick Crochet Afghan Pattern

55. Super Bulky Yarn Crochet Afghan Pattern

When you work with super bulky yarn, you need to keep in mind that the stitches making up your afghan need to be simple so that the yarn gets all the focus.

Crochet Afghan Pattern with Super Bulky Yarn

56. Crochet Gingham Plaid Baby Afghan Pattern

This gingham crochet afghan is not heavy that makes it easy to carry around. It is soft and lightweight that blocks nicely. It even hides your mistakes, if any.

Crochet Gingham Baby Afghan Pattern

57. Unique Crochet Pattern for Log Cabin Afghan

Crochet Pattern for Log Cabin Afghan

58. Festive Crochet Shamrock Afghan Pattern

Crochet Shamrock Afghan Pattern

59. Vivid Crochet Triangle Afghan Pattern

Crochet Triangle Afghan Pattern

60. Sophisticated Fan and Feather Crochet Afghan Pattern

Fan and Feather Crochet Afghan Pattern

61. Free Basket Weave Crochet Afghan Pattern

Free Crochet Basket Weave Afghan Pattern

62. Deer Crochet Afghan Pattern for Free

Free Deer Crochet Afghan Pattern

63. Free Heart Afghan Crochet Pattern

Each block of this crochet afghan uses a cheerful heart pattern. The joining technique of the hearts is explained in the above-linked tutorial.

Heart Afghan Crochet Pattern Free

64. Free Lacy Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern

In this lacy afghan, the popcorn stitch has been used to create a beautiful texture. Off-white yarn adds to its beauty though you can crochet it with any other color of yarn.

Lacy Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern Free

65. Lattice Shells Crochet Afghan Design

This crochet afghan lends a new twist to an old favorite. The beauty of basic fan stitches makes this two-tone afghan worth the effort.

Lattice Shells Crochet Afghan

66. Lover’s Knot Pattern for Crochet Afghan

Lover’s Knot Crochet Afghan Pattern

67. Seaside Afghan Pattern to Crochet

Seaside Afghan Pattern Crochet

68. Spiral Crochet Afghan Pattern

Spiral Afghan Crochet Pattern

We are sure that by now, you are bubbling with ideas for crocheting your very own afghan. You can choose the ripple, round, lattice or star patterns. The one in the holiday theme would soak you in the Yuletide spirit.

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