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10 Designs of Guitar Pick Earrings

Using guitar picks for making jewelry is surprising for all newbies of crafts. These small and light earrings take fifteen to thirty minutes to be completely made. They are popular amidst teenagers as stylish accessories. So, if this is already inducing your creativity, delve into the following article where some inspiring ideas regarding guitar pick earrings are given.

Guitar Pick Earring

1. Guitar Pick Earrings

All you have to do is to follow the tutorial and make some amazing earrings like the following one.

Guitar Pick Earrings

As the method remains same, you can always choose some guitar picks with interesting prints and designs on them to match your outfits.

Skull Guitar Pick Earrings

Harley Davidson Guitar Pick Earrings

The silhouette of antlers looks good on a light pink shade. Wouldn’t it be cool to try such earrings out?

Pink Guitar Pick Earrings

Beatles Guitar Pick Earrings

Fender Guitar Pick Earrings

Making some holes at the bottom of the guitar picks will give an opportunity to attach some trinkets.

Bling Guitar Pick Earrings

Country Guitar Pick Earrings

Two earrings and one sentence make a wonderful pair of statement earrings.

Sterling Silver Guitar Pick Earrings

How to Make Guitar Pick Earrings

If you have a guitar lover at home, then finding some designer guitar picks is not at all tough for you. The above list contains some of the wonderful pairs of earrings made with guitar picks. While bling earrings are good for wearing to a party, the sterling silver earrings, being hypoallergenic solutions are good for sensitive skins.

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