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9 Beautiful Patterns of Handmade Macramé Earrings

Macramé danglers are definitely trendy and uncommon to wear to places. It is not a common practice, but if you stand out in a party for your skill and style, what could be better than to thank your efficiency for producing macramé pieces of jewelry.

Macramé Earrings Pattern Ideas

1.  How to Make Macramé Earrings

The swirl pattern gives a trendy look to the earrings. This pair is sure to enhance your ears to a fashionable extent. As far as its making process is concerned, you will need crochet cottons and seed beads as the prime ingredients.

Macramé Earrings

2. Tassel Macramé Earrings for Young Girls

The boho earrings are perfect for your outing with beachy vibes. With colorful yarns, you can match it up with your dress.

Macramé Earrings DIY

3. Macramé Earrings with Chevron Patterns

The colorful combination of blue, white, yellow, makes a nice pair of earrings. The wire does not make it heavy.

How to Make Macrame Earrings

4. Macramé Earrings with Feathers

Here is a tutorial of macramé feather or leaf patterns, and after making this, you can always attach some earring hooks. The colors will be of your choice without a single doubt.

Macramé Feather Earrings

5. Macramé Earrings: Do it Yourself

The piece of hoop earring is made of brass beads and waxed cord. The pattern might be difficult for novice crafters, but it is not an issue at all for experts.

Macramé Earrings Tutorial

6. Handmade White Macramé Earrings

The macramé earrings have white yarns used with blue beads. The intricate pattern is prominently explained and illustrated in the tutorial.

Homemade Macramé Earrings

7. Easy Macramé Earrings

Macramé Earring Patterns

8. Golden Boho Macramé Earrings

The pair of earrings is good for a day out. You can make this within 30 minutes if you have the ring and yarns.

Boho Macrame Earrings

9. Macramé Earrings with Fringes Instruction

The pink long earring is so beautiful and it is not heavy at all. Yellow or red would also look good. Making this is an easy process.

Macramé Fringes Earrings

Macramé earrings have a personal touch that you don’t get in commercial earrings. These are handmade and homemade with a lot of warmth.

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