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17 + DIY Patterns to Make a Macrame Bag

The stylish knotted macramé pattern makes way for many accessories and would look fabulous, indeed, when implemented on bags. It could be cross-bodied, clutch, purse, sling bag, or anything else as per your choice.  The tutorials below would undoubtedly ease your job of making amazing macramé bags.

DIY Macrame Bag Patterns

1. DIY Macrame Bag

The circular and square pattern with long fringes makes the bag look immensely unique.

Macrame Bag

2. DIY to Make a Pretty Macrame Bag

The body comprises square knots while half hitch knots make up the flap.

Macrame Bag DIY

3. DIY to Make a Macrame Tote Beach Bag

The blue bag with fringes on the handle makes for a perfect beach accessory. Attach faux sunflowers to it, to intensify its beauty.

Macrame Tote Bag

4. Tutorial to Make a Stylish Tote Bag Pattern Using Jute

You could dip dye it in the shade of your choice for a colorful effect.

Macrame Bag Pattern

5. Beach-Themed Macrame Market Net Bag DIY

For a smaller bag, the strings should be knotted more closely to each other.

Macrame Beach Bag

6. Macrame Tote Market Bag Tutorial

Attach a single string, long string to transform this into a cross body bag. This green bag would make for a great Christmas gift too.

Macrame Market Bag Tutorial

7. Macrame Produce Bag DIY

Your upcycled t-shirt would undoubtedly make for a lovely produce bag just as the one shown in this tutorial.

Macrame Produce Bag DIY

8. DIY to Make a Modern-styled  Macrame Fruit Bag

You could keep the tassels for a fringed look or cut it off to make it look like a real produce bag.

Macrame Fruit Bag

9. DIY Instructions for a Pretty Macrame Bucket Bag

The combination of macramé cording and cane webbing results in this elegant bucket bag. You could use wooden handles for a rustic appeal.

Macrame Bucket Bag

10. Macrame Fringe Crossbody Bag DIY

Add beads and pearls to the bags to make it enticing.

Macrame Fringe Bag

11. How to Macrame a Hand Bag

The sequential arrangement of beads makes it look all the more beautiful.

Macrame Hand Bag

12. Step by Step Directions to Make a Macrame Shopping Bag

Attach a zip at the center to prevent the contents from falling out.

Macrame Shopping Bag Tutorial

13. How to Do a Macrame Clutch Purse

Macrame Clutch Bag

14. How to Make a Macrame Yoga Rope Net Bag

Make the wrap knots strong to give the bag’s bottom a firm finish.

Macrame Yoga Bag Pattern

15. Beautiful Dip-dyed Macrame Grocery Bag Tutorial

The red dye intensifies the bag’s beauty to the fullest.

Macrame Grocery Bag

16. DIY Handmade Macrame Circle Bag

The round rings, and the ribbon, add to the bag’s elegance.

Macrame Circle Ba

17. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Macrame Summer Bag

Go for a lighter shade of yellow to bring out the summer theme to the fullest.

Macrame Summer Bag

The above tutorials would definitely fulfill your urge of making stylish macramé bags for any occasion, for yourself or near and dear ones.  Keep your zeal for macramé on and try a lot more interesting crafts like earrings, hanging chairs, table runners, and so on.

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