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6 Macramé Hanging Chair Patterns

A macramé hanging chair looks beautiful in your porch, patio or garden as it does inside your home. The swing chairs can be made in various styles like saucer, hammock, etc. and spell luxury and charm. When done correctly, they transform your home décor with their stylish looks. Below are a set of tutorials to help you with the making.

Macrame Hanging Chair Pattern Pictures

1. Pattern for Macramé Hanging Chair

This is a comfortable and supportive macramé sling chair that is made of cotton cord. The soft part of the chair is supported by wooden dowels.

Macramé Hanging Chair

2. DIY Macramé Swing Chair

A natural macramé DIY small hanging saucer chair would be the perfect place to coop up with a book on a lazy afternoon. If you don’t like the white color of the saucer chair, you can go with deeper shades like black, green, navy, turquoise and the like. The egg chair boasts of boho looks.

Macramé Swing Chair

3. Macramé Hammock Chair Pattern

Macramé Hammock Chair

4. Hanging Macramé Chair DIY

You would love to relax on the porch swinging in this DIY hammock chair. Many simple knots go into its making.

DIY Macramé Hanging Chair

5. Macramé Hammock Chair Swing

This large macramé hanging chair needs a considerable amount of time to make. However, you would be satisfied with the result as the pattern gives a super comfortable chair that you can hang indoors as well as outdoors.

Hammock Chair Macramé Swing

6. How to Make a Macramé Hammock Chair

How To Macramé a Hammock Chair

Just pick any one of the macramé swing chair patterns that appeal to you and get started. You would find the instructions pretty comprehensive with images of the steps. Following the macramé hanging chair plans meticulously would gift you one of your most coveted interior décor items.

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