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32 DIY Ideas for How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are miniature versions of full-fledged gardens and allow you to use your gardening skills in a limited space. You can grow your own plants or use artificial ones. Ornaments are mini versions of real-life gardening tools, chairs, steps, paths, etc. They are thought to be the roaming grounds of fairies that bring you good luck.

DIY Fairy Garden Idea Pictures

1. Fairy Garden Decor

What makes a fairy garden attractive are the accessories. You can let the kids look around the house to find old toys and other showpieces for the decorations.

Fairy Garden

2. Fairy Garden DIY Idea

Try your bit for your greener earth by putting together mini landscapes that bring forth the beauty of mother nature combined with creativity and imagination.

Fairy Garden Idea

3. Small Fairy Garden

This mini garden boasts painted birdhouses as decorations. Moss and flowers were bought from a local nursery to accentuate its beauty.

Picture of Fairy Garden

4. Fairy Garden House DIY

Reclaimed materials make wonderful fairy houses. They are the perfect craft for kids looking for some fun during the monsoons.

Fairy Garden House

5. Fairy Garden Instructions

This fairy garden comes complete with a wooden birdhouse that is painted and decorated with rocks, mirrors, coins, etc. The path leading up to the house is made of rocks. There are also a tiny fencing, clothesline, seashell pond, and a tiny bench.

DIY Fairy Garden

6. Handmade Large Fairy Garden

This pretty fairy garden table project offers plenty of opportunities for your little one. It tickles their imagination, teaches them about the different plants, and, lastly, provides you with fresh herbs for your summer recipes.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

7. Fairy Garden Miniature

A broken clay pot can be transformed dramatically into a fab garden to invite fairies for good luck. Just keep in mind to throw in the right decorations.

Miniature Fairy Garden

8. Gnome Fairy Garden DIY

Adding a gnome to your fairy garden gives it a look of the Renaissance period making it attractive. A Dremel tool was used to cut the pot as Terracotta is very hard to cut and break.

Fairy Garden DIY

9. Fairy Garden for Kids

Kids would greatly love to make the characters of this gnome fairy garden. They are made with air dry clay following a simple process.

Kids Fairy Garden

10. Fine Succulent Fairy Garden

This cute fairy garden is made with mini houses, furniture, fruits, vegetable, animals, plants, etc. Other items of decoration were a pennant, a red wagon, and small gardening tools.

Succulent Fairy Garden

11. Steps To Make a Fairy Garden

You can break a flower pot and put the broken part inside for this project. You can even put smaller pots inside for a layered look.

Making a Fairy Garden

12. Beach Themed Fairy Garden

You can make your fairy garden resemble a beach by filling it with sand, adding to it a shallow dish filled with aqua paint, and placing a picket fence, chair, umbrella, etc.

Beach Fairy Garden

13. Fairy Garden in a Broken Pot

For this charming fairy garden, you need a broken pot, craft drill, hammer, potsherds, soil, plants, and moss as your supplies.

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

14. Cool Indoor Fairy Garden

Spark imagination and creativity in your kids while making this whimsical addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

Indoor Fairy Garden

15. Halloween Fairy Garden with Pumpkins

Fairy gardens are great for fall décor. If you are a gardening fanatic, you would love the use of pumpkins for the craft.

Halloween Fairy Garden

16. How to Build a Fairy Garden

You can display this innovative fairy garden on your tabletop, patio, or porch. You should begin by taking a container, and filling it with potting mix and tiny shrubs like tropical foliage plants, bonsai, boxwood, etc.

Build a Fairy Garden

17. Outdoor Fairy Garden Idea

Outdoor Fairy Garden

18. Lovely Mermaid Fairy Garden

Mermaid Fairy Garden

19. DIY Christmas Fairy Garden

Christmas Fairy Garden

20. Fairy Garden in a Bird Bath

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

21. Mini Teacup Fairy Garden

Teacup Fairy Garden

22. Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Tree Stump

23. How Do You Make a Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

24. Lush Succulent Fairy Garden

How to Make Fairy Gardens

25. Fairy Garden Tutorial

Homemade Fairy Garden

26. Interesting Winter Fairy Garden Idea

Winter Fairy Garden

27. Fairy Garden Directions

Make a Fairy Garden

28. Create Your Own Fairy Garden

Creating a Fairy Garden

29. Unconventional Fairy Garden with House

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

30. Unique Fairy Garden Design

Fairy Garden Design

31. DIY Quaint Fairy Garden for Kids

DIY Beautiful Fairy Garden

32. Fresh Fairy Garden Craft

Fairy Garden Craft

Note that all the DIYs are eco-friendly and take you one step closer to a greener earth. Let your imagination work wonders as you make a fairy garden of your own. They are cheap to create and can be made from recycled objects.

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