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23 DIY Stepping Stones

Add character to your outdoor space by designing quaint stepping stones. Though usually made with concrete, you can use other materials like plaster of Paris and wood. There are unlimited options for decorating them, including rocks, pebbles, sea glass, shells and so on. Cute hand and footprints look dainty on the stones, preserving memories in style.

1. Decorative DIY Stepping Stone

Ensure that you wear a mask when working with cement as you wouldn’t like to inhale it. Also, if kids are involved, ensure that they don’t touch the cement.

DIY Stepping Stone

2. Steps To Make Large Concrete Stepping Stones

You need concrete, plastic pot saucers, shells, mosaic tiles, and rocks for making these gorgeous stepping stones. It is an excellent backyard stepping stone idea.

DIY Concrete Stepping Stones

3. Make Garden Stepping Stones

These DIY outdoor stepping stones lend a pop of color to your garden walkway. Their rugged look adds to their appeal.

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

4. DIY Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

This brilliant mosaic stepping stone idea would make the little ones delighted. It adds a personal touch to your garden and beautifully preserves memories.

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones

5. Flower Stepping Stone DIY Idea

DIY Stepping Stone Idea

6. Make Cement Stepping Stones

DIY cement garden stepping stones can be a brilliant decorating idea for the front or back yard. The stones are adorned with pretty objects, tiles and mosaics. You can also deck them up with seashells for adding a cool beach vibe.

DIY Cement Stepping Stones

7. DIY Decorative Stepping Stone for Kids

DIY Stepping Stone for Kids

8. Cute DIY Baby Footprint Stepping Stone

DIY Baby Footprint Stepping Stone

9. DIY Handprint Garden Stepping Stone

`Angular handprint stepping stones can be a great Mother’s Day gift for a garden-loving mom. You can deck them up with colored stones and pebbles.

DIY Handprint Stepping Stone

10. Make Your Own Stepping Stones

How to Make Stepping Stones

11. Make Cement Mosaic Stepping Stone

How to Make Mosaic Stepping Stones

12. Square Stepping Stone Design Idea

DIY stenciled square stepping stone designs lend an artistic touch to your garden or patio. We like them in a little landscaped area that leads to the fountain.

Stepping Stone Idea

13. Painted Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Idea

You can hand paint heart-shaped stepping stones to make them resemble a pink brick wall. The colored concrete stepping stones would look gorgeous on the patio, garden path and walkway.

Painted Stepping Stones Idea

14. DIY River Rock Stepping Stone

River Rock Stepping Stones DIY

15. Easy DIY Stepping Stones for Your Garden

Easy DIY Garden Stepping Stones

16. DIY Cement Leaf Stepping Stone

This DIY rhubarb leaf stepping stone spells charm. The supplies for this project are a rhubarb leaf, concrete mix, wire mesh, sand, spray cooking oil, water and a piece of plywood.

DIY Leaf Stepping Stones

17. Wood Stepping Stones DIY Project

DIY Wood Stepping Stones

18. Pretty DIY Butterfly Stepping Stones

DIY Butterfly Stepping Stones

19. Mosaic Tile Stepping Stones DIY

DIY Mosaic Tile Stepping Stones

20. Paw Print Stepping Stone DIY

After taking the paw imprint of your pet in this DIY, you can decorate the stepping stone with colorful rocks or pebbles and add a bone imprint as well.

DIY Paw Print Stepping Stone

21. DIY Plaster Of Paris Stepping Stones No Concrete

If you want to make stepping stones without concrete, you try the DIY with plaster of Paris. The material is cheap and non-messy.

DIY Plaster of Paris Stepping Stones

22. Round Quikrete Stepping Stones DIY

DIY Round Quikrete Stepping Stones

23. Unique DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

Now that you are through with browsing the different ideas of homemade stepping stones, we are sure that you are dying to try your hand at one or some of them. Go ahead with your plans with the tutorials acting as your faithful guide to the creatively fulfilling process.

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