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12 DIYs on How to Make a Bicycle Sidecar

Bicycle sidecars offer a cool and comfortable way to carry your dog or any other pet along with you when you are off for a ride. Your kid would also be happy to accompany you as you travel the countryside. Who doesn’t want to sit lazily enjoying the scenery without having to be involved in the hassle of pedaling?

DIY Bicycle Sidecar Pictures

1. Bicycle Sidecar for Kids

This one is a copy of the classic BMX sidehack of the 1980’s. This sidecar is attached to a child’s bicycle with 20” wheels. It has a frame shorter than the BMX frame but boasts of 5 gears.

Bicycle Sidecar

2. Bike with Sidecar for Dog

Just a few sheets of plywood and metal, a handful of nuts and bolts, some odds and ends and just an afternoon are enough to build a retro pooch-mobile.

Bike with Sidecar

3. Bicycle with a Sidecar

The main steps of the construction process involve welding the frame, attaching the third wheel, and fixing a mesh at the base of the sidecar seat.

Bicycle with Sidecar

4. Build Your Own Bicycle Sidecar for Dogs

The above-linked tutorial comes with a blueprint of the pan and detailed instruction of the build. For the frame, you need to cut an angled iron to the required length and square off the ends.

Bicycle Sidecar for Dogs

5. Sidecar for a Bicycle

The tutorial for this rocket-like sidecar comes with a blueprint to get the structure right. Children would love to perch themselves on this one.

Sidecar for Bicycle

6. Bicycle Sidecar Design for Adults

This sidehack is made with two frames of equal size connected with a multi-colored arrangement of bicycle tubes. It has a symmetrical steering as it is essentially a single-track bike with an outrigger wheel.

Bicycle Sidecar for Adults

7. DIY Sidecar for Bicycle

How to Make a Sidecar for a Bicycle

8. Grand Chariot Design of a Bicycle Sidecar

Chariot Bicycle Sidecar

9. Vintage Sidecar for Bicycle

Homemade Sidecar for Bicycle

10. Mini Bicycle Sidecar Plan

DIY Bicycle Sidecar

11. Retro Bicycle with Sidecar

Building a Bicycle Sidecar

12. Bicycle with Sidecar for Dog

Dog Sidecar for Bicycle

Next time you want to take your older family members for an outing, your bicycle sidecar can do the honors. Your DIY skills are going to make them proud. Moreover, who doesn’t want a vintage feel to his favorite bike? The multi-functionality of the bicycle accessory adds to its appeal.

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