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15+ DIYs to Make a Cutting Board

When it comes to a cutting board, you would need many for a host of purposes. Instead of spending a fortune in getting readymade ones you could consider designing them at home, especially if you are adept at or enjoy doing woodworking. Using a food-safe finish for your cutting boards is a mandate. Experiment with a whole lot of shapes and designs, with the tutorials to follow, helping you further in your endeavor.

DIY Cutting Board Pictures

1. Simple DIY to Make a Cutting Board

The flat cutting board with a wide surface area would provide you a lot of space for keeping and chopping your veggies.

How to Make a Cutting Board

2. Instructions of Making a Cutting Board With Reclaimed Wood

For a vibrant finish, applying butcher block or mineral oil would help.

How to Make a Wood Cutting Board

3. DIY to Build an End Grain Cutting Board

The chequered pattern of the cutting board adds to its uniqueness.

How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board

4. DIY Butcher Block Cutting Board

This cute butcher block cutting board would be easy for you to carry when on an outdoor picnic. Customize it as per your wish to make it all the more appealing and exciting.

How to Make a Butcher Block Cutting Board

5. Tutorial to Make a 3D End Grain Cutting Board

The elevated arrangement of the wood gives the impression of a3D pattern.  

How to Make a 3D Cutting Board

6. Instructions to Make a Wine Stained Live Edged Cutting Board

For a rustic appeal, go for a cutting board made from live edge wood. If gifting it to someone on the occasion of Christmas, tie a red or green ribbon around it for a festive feel.

How to Make a Live Edge Cutting Board

7. How to Make a Wood & Resin Cutting/Serving Board

How to Make a Resin and Wood Cutting Board

8. How to Make a Butcher Block Counter Top

How to Make a Cutting Board Countertop

9. Directions to Make a Cutting Board From A Tree Stump

You could paint the top with white or any other shade of your choice for a brightened appearance.

Cutting Board From a Tree Stump

10. DIY Basket Weaving Cutting Board

Applying an oil finish helps to keep the board food-safe, also preventing it from being damaged by water.

Basket Weave Cutting Board

11.  DIY  Round Chevron Cutting Board

How to Make a Chevron Cutting Board

12. DIY Personalized or Custom Cutting Board

A personalized message on the cutting board would be perfect when you plan to gift it to someone for a special occasion.

DIY Personalized Cutting Board

13. DIY Butcher Block Countertop

This cutting board could be fixed to a cabinet if you wish to transform it into a countertop.

DIY Cutting Board Countertop

14. DIY Cheese Cutting Board

The rustic brown color adds to its uniqueness. The crisscross arrows enhance its beauty further.

DIY CheeseCutting Board

15. DIY Walnut Cutting Board

Following the tutorial in the given link, you can make an exotic cutting board like the one shown in the image below.

DIY Cutting Board

With these useful tutorials at hand, making a cutting board would certainly be a simpler task for you. The choice of wood is yours that can vary from cedar to maple or even walnut.

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