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7 Ways to Make a Spider Box

A box with a spider coming out would be a hilarious prank to pull on someone. You can give it as a gift for Halloween. Your friend would be scared on opening the box when a fake spider jumps out of it and tries to bite his hand! It can be a great practical joke for April fool’s Day. The trick requires you to hone your woodworking skills.

DIY Spider Box Images

1. How to Build a Spider Box

A scary spider prank panic box would be a great gifting option for your best friend. The DIY starts with cutting the wooden pieces to size.

Spider Box

2. Prank Box with Spider

Watch your friend scream with fright when she opens this gag gift spider box. She would have a good laugh at her reaction afterward.

Spider Box Prank

3. Spider in a Wooden Box

This video tutorial provides a step by step on building a simple wooden box with a creepy spider inside. When someone opens it, he would be surprised to find a spider jumping on him. You would need wooden dowels, plywood and a plastic spider for this DIY.

Spider in a Box

4. Spider Prank Scare Box

The supplies for this spider gag box are pieces of wood, nail, string, broomstick, coat hanger and a fake spider. You can make this spider jump box for Halloween.

Spider Scare Box

5. Spider Trick Box

The above-linked post has a handful of Halloween projects, one of them being leaping drawer spider. You can replace the drawer with a wooden box having a sliding lid on top.

Trick Box with Spider

6. Scare Box Spider Prank

Keep your money and small valuables safe in this spider surprise secret box. Anyone who tries opening it would jump with fright on seeing a realistic spider spring out of the box.

Prank Scare Spider Box

7. Prank Spider in a Box Plan

The hardest part of building this wooden spider prank box is getting the wire (that attaches the fake spider to the box) bent in the right shape so that the spider can pop out on opening the lid.

Spider Box Prank Plan

We have tried to give you the plans for some of the best DIY pop up spider scare boxes that work. The brown box spider toy would gift your many moments of pure enjoyment with your friends and loved ones. We all love surprises, don’t we?

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