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15+ DIYs to Make Stylish Seashell Bracelets

If you have an undying knack for making bracelets from various upcycled stuff, then seashells are something you cannot afford to miss for a cool and funky look. Let us have a whale of a time browsing through a few tutorials and ideas on how to make magnificent seashell bracelets.

DIY Seashell Bracelets

1. DIY Seashell Bracelet

The first one is a simple beaded bracelet for all occasions. The combination of shells, beads, and tassels give it a boho chic look.

Seashell Bracelet

Going by the instructions in the given tutorial you can go for an enticing one like the one shown in the picture below. Painting the shell in gold would convert this simple bracelet into a magnificent one.

Shell Tassel Bracelet

2. DIY to Make an Elegant Shell Bracelet

The wire wrapped pattern gives your bracelet a modern appearance.

Shell Bracelet Image

3. How to Make a Shell Bracelet

You can embed colorful beads inside each shell for a unique getup.

Shell Bracelet

4. Tutorial to Make Seashell Bracelets

Glue colorful beads on alternate seashells for a striking appeal. This will make a cool charm-style friendship bracelet.

Seashell Bracelet Image

5. How to Make a Seashell Charm Bracelet

Follow the tutorial in the given link and instead of beads, add shells of different shapes to make a fabulous seashell charm bracelet.

Seashell Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet combined with colorful beads and shells would be a stylish jewelry choice for a scorching summer day.

Shell Charm Bracelet Design

6. How to Make a Bangle Bracelet with Seashells

The video would guide you to make beautiful bangle bracelets like the one shown in the picture below. You can opt for gold or silver bangle for a gorgeous look.

Seashell Bangle Bracelet

A sleek bangle with a single shell would look beautiful when you deck up in the same on a hot summer day.

Puka Seashell Bracelet

7. Tutorial to Make a Stylish Friendship Bracelet with Seashells

For the bracelet, you can use two-colored string for a striking effect.

Seashell Friendship Bracelet

8. How to Make a Cowrie Shell Bracelet

A blue bead dangling at the bottom of the bracelet enhances its charm. You can use different color combinations to get a whole set.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet

Invaluable paua shells would make for stylish bracelets like these.

Paua Shell Bracelet

9. Instructions for a White Seashell Bracelet

To make them look attractive, you can rub a little bit of sparkle or glitter paint on the shells.

Seashell Bracelet DIY

10. Directions to Make a Cowrie Shell Bracelet

Cowry Shell Bracelet

11. Easy Way to Make a Silver Seashell Bracelet

If you have an old silver bracelet, make it attractive by adding shells to it, as is shown in the given tutorial. You can repeat the same thing with your gold bracelet, just replace the silver paint with a gold one.

Silver Seashell Bracelet

12. Beach Shell Bracelet Tutorial

This vibrant bracelet would be a lovely gift you could save for your friend on any special occasion.

Beach Shell Bracelet

13. An Interesting DIY to Make Cool Shell Bracelets

You can either go for a simple patterned shell bracelet or make it look more creative by painting a shell and tying it to multi-colored threads. Go for a red and white combination with the shell painted in green if you plan to design it for Christmas.

DIY Shell Bracelet

Following the same instructions, you can add a shell to a leather bracelet for a smart look.

Shell Leather Bracelet

14. How to Make a Hemp Bracelet with Cowrie Shells

Add a new charm to your rustic hemp bracelet by weaving shells into it. Paint each one of them alternately for a stunning effect.

Hemp Shell Bracelet

Another unusual decoration would be to embellish your bracelet with colored beads and shells.

Beaded Shell Bracelet

If you have managed to pick up quite some conch shells on your holiday to Hawaii, design them into admirable bracelets. If you want to make your bracelet ditto as shown in the given picture, follow any of the above tutorials, with conch shells. Alternate the embellishments as per your choice.

Conch Shell Bracelet

15. Homemade Chunky Shell Stone Bracelet

The excellent combination of shells and stones adds to its grandeur.

Homemade Shell Bracelet

With the endless bracelet-making ideas in your kitty, you would have a fun-filled time in stuffing your accessory box. And each one of these makes amazing gifting items for your friends, and relatives, whether a cousin or an aunt.

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