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12+ DIYs to Make a Seashell Lamp

Seashells are wonderful objects for making a whole lot of crafts like bracelets, necklaces, a pretty crown or even a showy mirror. If you are extremely fond of decorating your home with chic lamps then designing ones out of seashells would certainly be an innovative idea. Ample amount of seashells of unique designs alongside mason jars are the prime requirements for most designs, while the shades for the lamps may be made with burlap fabric or anything else. Let us check out the unique tutorials that follow to make seashell lamps.

Seashell Lamp Ideas

1. How to Make Seashell Lamp

The woven rope placed outside the lampshade gives it a fascinating look.

Seashell Lamp

2. DIY Glass Vase Seashell Table Lamp

Placing sand in the glass vase and then putting seashells in it makes the vase appear appealing.

Seashell Table Lamp

3. Oyster Shell Brass Lampshades DIY

You could spray paint alternate rows of the oysters for a colorful effect.

Seashell Lamp Shade

If you are on the lookout for a floor lamp filled with seashells then the idea given in this picture may come of aid. A long cylindrical tube, containing seashells and then attached to a colorful shade would help you make your floor lamp. You could take a cue from the above tutorial link.

Seashell Floor Lamp

4. Rustic Glass Seashell Table Lamp Tutorial

If putting it at the center table as a part of Christmas décor then wrap green and red ribbons around for a festive feel.

Glass Lamp with Seashells

If you have a big, stylish perfume bottle or any other container you could fill it with seashells, attach a fancy shade and design it into a chic lamp just as the one in the given image.

Glass Lamp with Seashells Inside

5. Easy Way to Make a Lamp with Seashells Inside

This bright gorgeous seashell lamp would certainly enhance your home décor when kept at the center of the living room.

Lamps with Seashells Inside

6. How to Make a Beach-Themed Cottage Glass Lamp Filled with Seashells

The white ruffled linen enhances the elegance of the glass lamp filled with seashells.

How to Make a Seashell Filled Lamp

7. Faux Hanging Seashell Pendant Lamp Tutorial

Though not real, as the capiz shells have been created using rice paper, when placed at the center of the room, this pendant lamp would definitely intensify the beauty to the fullest.

Capiz Shell Hanging Lamp

You may even arrange the capiz chandeliers on a large brass stand as shown in the image that follows to make a floor lamp.

Capiz Shell Floor Lamp

8. DIY to Make a Pretty Lamp with Starfish and Seashells

The big starfish sitting at the center of the lampshade gives it an increasingly enticing appearance.

Seashell Lamp with Starfish

9. DIY Glass Bottle Table Lamp with Seashells

Shell Table Lamp

10. Directions to Make Oyster Shell Lamp

Taking a cue from the tutorial above you could design a cute oyster shell table lamp. Choose a lampshade of your choice which could be an oval-shaped one as shown in the link or of a comparatively flatter design like the one in the image below.

Oyster Shell Lamp

A ceramic base covered with oyster seashells and an elegant lamp shade as shown in the picture may even be opted for to make a cute, round seashell lamp.

Ceramic Seashell Lamp

11. Ocean-Themed Seashell Desk Lamp Tutorial

The seashells attached to the shade make it look even brighter.

Ocean-Themed Seashell Lamps

12. Easy Way to Make a Seashell Night Light

Seashell Night Light

These abundant tutorials would certainly come of aid if you are planning to give your home a beach décor or desire to arrange for an ocean-themed party. You could go for different patterned seashells and make a table lamp for your bedroom, big floor lamp for your table lamp, a small desk lamp for your study or even an elegant night lamp. The colors could also vary according to the occasions, like for Christmas the shells may be spray painted with red or green, while for your best pal’s baby shower a cute seashell pink or blue lamp would be apt.

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