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38 Free Birdhouse Plans – Updated for 2022

Have you been thinking of accomplishing an interesting outdoor project before Christmas? Try building a nifty birdhouse for the next spring to turn your backyard into a lively paradise. Capture these moments while enjoying the fauna at your place. Check out the following tutorials to broaden your creative thinking for making a birdhouse.

Free Birdhouse Plan

1. One-Board Birdhouse Plans

Follow the detailed plan given in the tutorial to construct this sturdy birdhouse for your avian friends.

Birdhouse Plan

2. Basic Birdhouse Plan

Closer to the fence, the birdhouse has been made of moderate size to enable the birds to find their dwelling.

DIY Birdhouse Plan

3. Simple Birdhouse Idea for Kids

Free Birdhouse Plan

4. Birdhouse Project Plan

Attracting your feathered buddies with this well-built wooden house would be a cakewalk.

Simple Birdhouse Plan

5. Modern Cardinal Birdhouse Plan

If your place boasts of migratory birds, you can set up a warm and cozy small house for their special care and needs.

Cardinal Birdhouse Plan

6. Hanging DIY Birdhouse

Imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy the first sip of coffee in the backyard while watching cherubic birds playing around their newly built home.

Easy Birdhouse Plan

7. Unique Eastern Birdhouse Plan

Bluebird Birdhouse Plan

8. Build a Purple Martin House for the Birds

Martin Birdhouse Plans

9. Homemade Birdhouse Plan

Wren Birdhouse Plan

10. How to Build a Fancy Birdhouse

These cute birdhouses serve the function of providing shelter to the birds as well as beautifying your backyard in a creative way.

Decorative Birdhouse Plan

11. Birdhouse Design Plan

House Finch Birdhouse Plan

12. Architectural Birdhouse Plan

The design of the birdhouse is magnificent and innovative, with a suitable room for the chirpy birds to dwell inside.

Lighthouse Birdhouse Plan Free

13. Classic Birdhouse Plan

The gorgeous chickadee birds finally have a home to chill in during the warm weather.

Birdhouse Plan Chickadee

14. Regular Birdhouse Plan

This birdhouse would remind you of a fairytale-like cottage where you can see avifauna in real.

Plywood Birdhouse Plan

15. Kids Birdhouse Plan

One Board Birdhouse Plan Free

16. Unusual Birdhouse Plan

Recycling used coffee cans to make creative homes for birds is one of the best ways to teach your children how to care for the environment.

Coffee Can Birdhouse Plans

17. Fun Audubon Birdhouse Plan

The simplified instructions provided for this DIY project would make the build easier and quicker.

Outhouse Birdhouse Plan

18. Birdhouse Woodworking Plan

Here, a discarded license board becomes the cover of the house for the birds, which would provide better protection during rains.

License Plate Birdhouse Plan

19. Different and Round Birdhouse

Another interesting PVC craft that would help you clear all the dumped materials from your basement and garage.

PVC Birdhouse Plan

20. Big Gazebo Birdhouse Plan

The beautiful birdhouse has a mid-century touch without any enclosure for letting birds come and go without any hassle.

Octagon Birdhouse Plan Free

21. Picket Fence Birdhouse

A single piece of fence board has been utilized to build this rustic shelter for the little birds.

Fence Board Birdhouse Plan

22. Build a Nesting Box for Owls

Your nocturnal feathered friends would surely like their well-decked house. Isn’t this a better way to keep out the pesky rodents from your yard?

Cedar Birdhouse Plan

23. Tree Swallow Birdhouse

Blue Jay Birdhouse Plan

24. How to Make a Cottage Bird House

If you have been keeping a huge stock of wine corks, it’s time to take them out and build a cozy home for your feathered pals.

Wine Cork Birdhouse Plan

25. Complex Bird Mansion

This one is a comfortable nest for birds with facilities that are above normal standards. You will surely enjoy doing the project.

Log Cabin Birdhouse Plan

26. Birdhouse Building Plan

The whimsical design of the birdhouse adds beauty and aplomb to your backyard, especially during a pleasant day.

Pallet Birdhouse Plan

27. Victorian Model Birdhouse Plan

Church Birdhouse Plan

28. Skill Stick Bird House

The inexpensive popsicles are an ideal craft supply for building a stylish home for birds. Fill the inside with sumptuous meal for them to feast.

Popsicle Stick Birdhouse Plan

29. Wood Birdhouse Plan

Having a birdhouse in your backyard is a cool way of knowing a wide variety of birds near your place beside testing your carpentry skills.

Robin Birdhouse Plan

30. DIY See Rock City Barn Birdhouse

How to Make Barn Birdhouse

31. Birdhouse Construction Plan

Waking up to the sound of the chirping house wrens is a divine experience. Learn how you can do so by clicking on the link above.

House Wren Birdhouse Plan

32. Birdhouse Design Plan

Here is another simple version of a birdhouse that would take less time to construct and install in your garden.

Hummingbird Birdhouse Plan

33. Painted Birdhouse Plan

Nuthatch Birdhouse Plan

34. Plan for a Large Birdhouse

The birdhouse is tailor-made for sparrows keeping in mind their dainty size. Use good quality plywood to ensure greater comfort.

Sparrow Birdhouse Plan

35. Small Winter Birdhouse for Beginners

Birdhouse Birdfeeder Plan

36. Free Handmade Birdhouse Plan Pattern

Simple and inexpensive, the birdhouse can be installed to a post for the jovial flyers to visit you.

Mockingbird Birdhouse Plan

37. Hexagon Birdhouse from Recycled Wood

Hexagon Birdhouse Plan

38. Cool Birdhouse Plan

A two-in-one ornamental house for the birds provided with lush flowers and plants for a homely effect.

Birdhouse Planter Plan

According to the size and location of your backyard, you can decide on the appropriate plan for your dream birdhouse. Share your ideas and experiences too.

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  2. david Hubbard says:

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      You cannot order the plans. Just click on the bold headings above the images to be redirected to the sites containing the detailed plans.

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    I am looking for the plans for the Church birdhouse plan #27. The link shows the video , but no dimensions.

    • admin says:

      I’m afraid that the exact dimensions have not been provided by the person who made the video. However, you can form an idea from the steps shown in the video and the other written tutorials of birdhouses. You can also customize the dimensions according to your desired size of birdhouse.

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