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27 Free Patterns for Knit Boot Cuffs

Knitted cuffs are a cool addition to your boots. You can knit them in a variety of patterns as mentioned below. They are eye catchy and can effectively transform your footwear. They are nothing but cylindrical coverings for your legs that are in contact with the tops of your boots.

Boot Cuffs Knit Pattern Images

1. Free Knit Boot Cuffs’ Pattern

Wool, size 6 and 8 needles, cable and yarn needles are the main supplies of this project. Ribbing and cabling techniques make the cuffs look classy.

Knit Boot Cuffs

2. Free Knitted Boot Cuff Pattern

The socks over boots trend is so popular that we decided to present you with the tutorial on knitting them. They keep your feet adequately warm in winters.

Knitted Boot Cuffs

3. Free Knitting Pattern for Boot Cuffs

If you love wearing boots, you can think of accessorizing them beautifully with knitted boot cuffs. The easy pattern described in the article linked above suits beginners.

Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

4. Free Knit Boot Cuff Pattern

This pair of boot cuffs come with a cable design at the center with ribbing at both ends that ensure a snug fit. They can be made in different sizes.

Knit Boot Cuff Pattern for Free

5. Knit Boot Cuffs’ Pattern

Learn the details of the lovely checkerboard pattern in a single color from the above-linked tutorial. You have to start with casting on 48 stitches.

Boot Cuff Knit Pattern

6. Knit Boot Cuffs Pattern

Refine you fall and winter outfits by knitting these elegant boot cuffs. You can make these in just a couple of hours. They suit brown and black boots.

Boot Cuffs Knit Pattern

7. Pattern for Knitted Boot Cuffs

These small boot cuffs are worked flat with purl and knit stitches and it is weaved together at the seams. They are really simple and quick to make.

Knitted Boot Cuffs Pattern

8. Knitting Pattern of Boot Cuffs

The trendy cable knit pattern would look great on your boots. You would feel cozy in them if you make them with 100% wool.

Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

9. Boot Cuffs Free Knitting Pattern

A rad checkerboard design on your boot cuffs would look dainty in winters. You can easily customize it by adding or subtracting rows.

Free Knitting Pattern for Boot Cuffs

10. Knit Pattern for Boot Cuffs

These pristine boot cuffs have been made using cable knitting techniques. You would need double pointed needles of size 7, worsted weight yarn, cable and yarn needles.

Knit Boot Cuff Pattern

11. Santa Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern For Free

The simple cable pattern of these knitted cuffs is very easy to remember. They can be knit in the round or flat. Remember that the cables stretch out when they are on your legs giving a little different look from what you see in the picture.

Santa Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

12. Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern For Free

Customize, accessorize and keep your calves toasty in the chilly winters by knitting these beautiful mulled wine boot cuffs. It is a great stash busting project and also a good exercise in learning the cable stitch.

Free Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

13. Free Easy Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

Free Easy Knitting Patterns for Boot Cuffs

14. Free Knit Pattern for Boot Cuffs with Circular Needles

If you are not much of a fan of double pointed needles, you will find the above-linked tutorial useful. The author has knitted the beautiful piece with 16” circular needles.

Knit Boot Cuffs Circular Needles

15. Free Pattern for Knitted Boot Cuffs

Knitted Boot Cuffs Free Pattern

16. Boot Cuffs’ Free Knitting Pattern

Knitting Pattern for Boot Cuffs

17. Free Knitted Boot Cuffs Pattern

Knitted Boot Cuff Pattern

18. Boot Cuff Pattern You Can Knit

Boot Cuff Patterns Knit

19. Pristine Hand Knit Boot Cuffs

Hand Knit Boot Cuffs

20. Simple and Free Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

Simple Boot Cuff Knitting Pattern

21. Boot Cuffs to Knit

How to Knit Boot Cuffs

22. Free Cable Knit Boot Cuffs Pattern

Cable Knit Boot Cuffs Free Pattern

23. Knit Boot Cuff Free Pattern

Blue Knit Boot Cuffs

24. Free Pattern for Easy Knitted Boot Cuffs

Knitted Boot Cuff Free Pattern

25. Knitted Boot Cuff Pattern For Free

DIY Knitted Boot Cuffs

26. Easy Knit Boot Cuffs Tutorial

Knit Boot Cuff Tutorial

27. Free Boot Cuff Pattern to Knit

Knit Cuffs for Boots

With such interesting patterns up your sleeve, we are sure you would be raring to start off with your knitting needles. They would look good in a color that contrasts or complements your boot color. You may add buttons and embellishments for getting your fashion game strong.

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