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30 Free Patterns of Knitted Slippers

Knitted slippers are quick to make and cover your feet with comfort on chilly days. You can laze around the house, curl yourself in the corner of the couch reading a favorite book or watch television with these on. You can even wear them to bed. However, it is best not to wear them near wet places such as the washbasin. Try out warm hues like lemon, brown, mustard yellow, etc. to make them attractive.

Knitted Slippers Pattern Pictures

1. Instructions for Knitted Slippers

This could be a great dorm boot when knitted to perfection. It is knit flat and seamed at the end. It can be done pretty fast. You can knit one slipper in just 2 hours.

Pattern for Knitted Slippers

2. Free Slipper Knitting Pattern

These baby slippers look cute and can be made with different colors of yarn. They have no seams, no origami construction and are made with garter stitch mainly knit in the round.

Knitted Slippers Pattern

3. Free Pattern for Knitted Slippers

This beautiful pattern is both comfortable and visually appealing. It boasts of large cuffs that are folded down and intricately lacy.

Free Knitted Slipper Pattern

4. Free Knit Slippers Pattern

The violet slippers have a red sole. It flaunts a kimono design. After you knit according to the instructions, you have to sew them following a diagram.

Knit Slippers

5. Pattern to Gray Cable Knit Slippers

The cabled cozies are great to keep your feet warm as you sit by a window on a cold winter evening and sip on your hot cup of coffee.

Cable Knit Slippers

6. Simple Knit Slippers’ Pattern

These cute slippers need you to know just 2 basic stitches, knit and purl. Once you get a hang of the pattern, you should be able to finish them in just a day.

How to Knit Slippers

7. Knit Slippers Pattern For Free

You can make this quick pair for your family or loved ones for the winter. They make awesome Christmas presents. The guide comes with the steps to make an optional seed stitch band.

Knit Slippers’ Pattern

8. Make Grandma’s Knitted Slippers

Lounge around your house in this super comfy slippers and marvel at the traditional grandma’s pom pom pattern. You can mix and match the colors as per your choice and embellish them with buttons.

Grandma’s Knitted Slippers

9. Easy Slipper Knitting Pattern

The checkerboard design is sure to find a lot of takers. More or less the pattern is the same for both men and women. However, it does make a clear differentiation at the appropriate places.

Easy Knitted Slippers

10. Men’s Knitted Slipper Pattern

Knitted Slippers for Men

11. Knitting Slippers Tutorial

Knitting Slippers

12. Handmade Knitted House Slippers

The red slippers can be worn when you have visitors in your house. The extra rounded toes look like mittens. The detailing is done with stockinette and garter stitches.

Knitted House Slippers

13. Two Needle Knitted Slippers Pattern

Knitted Slippers Pattern with Two Needles

14. Women’s Knit Slipper Pattern

Women’s Knit Slippers

15. Pattern for Knitted Converse Slippers

These lovely converse slippers look like sneakers. They can also pass off as tennis shoes. Your sports-loving friend would love to get them as a gift.

Converse Knitted Slippers Pattern

16. Mary Jane Slippers Knitting Pattern

Free Knitted Slipper Patterns Mary Jane

17. Free Knitting Pattern for Slippers for Adults

Knitted Slipper Patterns for Adults

18. Children’s Knitted Slippers

Knitted Slippers for Children

19. Beginners’ Knitted Slippers Pattern For Free

Free Knit Slipper Patterns Beginners

20. Knitting Pattern for Mukluk Slippers

Mukluk Slippers Knitting Pattern

21. Felted Wool Slippers Knitting Pattern for Free

Felted Wool Slippers Knitting Pattern

22. Free Knitted Animal Slipper Pattern for Children

Children’s Knitted Animal Slippers

23. Free and Easy Slippers with Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern For Easy Slippers With Cuffs

24. Free Double Knit Slippers Pattern

Double Knit Slippers Patterns

25. Kids’ Knitted Slippers Free Pattern

Kids Knitted Slippers

26. Hand Knit Ballet Slippers

Knit Ballet Slippers

27. Simple Knitted Minion Slippers Free Pattern

Knitted Minion Slippers

28. Free Pattern for Knitted Bed Slippers

Free Knitted Bed Slippers Patterns

29. Knitted Moccasin Slippers Pattern

Knitted Moccasin Slippers

30. Knitted Seed Stitch Slippers Pattern For Free

Knitted Seed Stitch Slippers

The quaint footwear is sure to get you noticed and earn you compliments. Their success could motivate you to make more winterwear in case you are a beginner. Feel free to browse through our crochet and knitting sections for more ideas and patterns.

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