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19+ Free Patterns to Make a Quilted Wall Hanging

Wall hangings made by using the quilting technique add charm to any wall decor. You could select a host of varied fabrics depending on the occasion you are designing it for. In case you are new to quilting, go for the block pattern, while those adept at it may try a whole lot of intricate designs. The tutorials to follow would help in making pretty quilted wall hangings.

Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns Picture

1. DIY Geometric Quilt Wall Hanging

The abstract geometric designs enhance the elegance of this wall hanging to the fullest.

Quilted Wall Hanging

2. Interesting Pattern to Make a Cactus Quilt Wall Hanging

If you like capturing the theme of cactus in your work of art, then this tutorial would help you to the fullest.

Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

3. Christmas Quilt Holiday Wall Hanging DIY

The star fixed on top makes this Christmas tree appear even more beautiful.

Christmas Quilted Wall Hanging

4. How to Make a Quilted Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Pattern

You could even base your quilted wall hanging on themes like Santa Claus or snowflake.

Christmas Tree Quilt Wall Hanging

5. Instructions to Make a Pineapple Quilt Wall Hanging

For a summer theme, this pineapple design suits the best. You can also make a combination of different summer fruits.

Free Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern

6. Free Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern for Fall

You may make the quilt using traditional fall leaves for the autumn theme.

Fall Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

7. How to Make a Quilted Photo Frame Wall Hanging

This wall hanging bearing the lovely drawings done by kids makes for a fabulous photo frame. For memorabilia, you may also include pictures of all your family members, making it look like a perfect photo frame.

Quilted Photo Frame Wall Hanging

You could print out a dragonfly template for your convenience and then stitch the fabrics accordingly, as shown in the above tutorials.

Dragonfly Quilt Wall Hanging

8. How to Make a 4th of July Quilted Wall Hanging

The red, white, and blue colors on the wall hanging make it an appropriate 4th of July craft. Design the American flag on it for a more authentic appeal.

Patriotic Quilted Wall Hanging

9. How to Make a Heart Quilt Wall Hanging For Valentine’s Day

To attain a personalized touch, put in the name of your beloved in one corner, either using a marker or even with fabrics.

Heart Quilt Wall Hanging

10. Instructions to Make Memory Quilt

By stitching your kid’s childhood clothes together, a marvelous memory quilt can be made. It can be tedious in joining different dresses together because of their varied fabric patterns. Hence, selecting a single dress like a onesie or a frock would make your task easier.

Memory Quilt Wall Hanging

11. Bunny Applique Quilt Wall Hanging Design for Easter

Fabrics with Easter eggs or a bunny eating a carrot would justify the theme to the fullest.

Easter Quilt Wall Hanging

12. DIY to Make a Quilted Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

Quilted Advent Wall Hanging

13. Free Patterns to Make a Quilted Wall Hanging For Spring

To add prominence to the spring theme, choose fabrics having flowers that bloom in the season like tulips, daffodils, or camellia.

Free Spring Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

14. Directions to Make a Quilted Wall Hanging for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Quilted Wall Hanging

15. Winter Themed Quilt Wall Hanging DIY

Snow, snowflakes, and Santa Claus may also be a part of the winter theme.

Winter Quilt Wall Hanging Pattern Free

16. Quilt Bat Wall Hanging for Halloween

The bats at the center make the theme apt for Halloween.

Halloween Quilt Wall Hanging Pattern

17. St. Patrick’s Day Quilt Wall Hanging Tutorial

Making the Irish flag justifies the St Patrick’s Day theme.

St Patrick’s Day Quilt Wall Hanging

18. How to Make a Quilted Cat Wall Hanging

Cat Quilt Wall Hanging

19. Star Quilt Wall Hanging Pattern DIY

Star Wall Hanging Pattern

With so many tutorials at hand, making a quilted wall hanging would definitely be easier for you. You could use this quilting pattern to make a whole lot of other things like a log cabin, placemats, photo quilt, pinwheel quilt, and so on.

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