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44 Star Quilt Patterns

If you love quilting, you are likely to get spoilt for choice with the plethora of patterns that are available online as well as offline. Of them, the star quilt pattern would win you over with its versatility and uniqueness. There can be different styles of modern and classic star quilts like the lone star, ribbon star, lucky star, etc.

Star Quilt Patterns

1. How to Make a Star Quilt

This hunter’s star quilt pattern is for beginners. It uses easy half-square triangle units. The measurement of the finished quilt is 72 inches by 84 inches.

Star Quilt

2. Star of Bethlehem Quilt Pattern

The bright assortment of colored fabric pieces used in making this quilt makes it stand out. The strip piecing technique allows it to be made quickly.

Star Quilt Pattern

3. Lemoyne Star Quilt Block

This star quilt is made with square and triangular pieces of fabric. The quilt uses a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Star Quilt Block

4. Free Lone Star Quilt Pattern

The above tutorial includes a free PDF pattern and video guide. It looks pretty complicated but can be made easily, in reality.

Lone Star Quilt

5. Lone Star Quilt Pattern DIY

A 30-inch lone star quilt block forms the base of this quilt. The perfectly pieced diamonds look complex but are actually pretty easy to make.

Lone Star Quilt Pattern

6. Ohio Star Quilt Pattern

If you want to make a classic quilt with a rich history, you could try out your hand at an Ohio star quilt pattern.

Ohio Star Quilt

7. Free Hunters Star Quilt Pattern

You can make this quilt with varying patterns of seams with the basic structure remaining the same. The patchwork quilt can make a great present.

Hunters Star Quilt

8. Carpenter Star Quilt Instructions

This is an easy version of the classic carpenter star quilt that uses 10-inch squares of precut fabric. It is also known by the name star of Bethlehem quilt.

Carpenter Star Quilt

9. Pattern for Carpenter Star Quilt

This easy pattern can be made very fast. Each square is made from 2 diagonal triangles that are sewn together.

Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern

10. Pattern for Hunters Star Quilt

You can recreate the look of a hunter star quilt by replacing the diamond shapes with simple half-square triangle units.

Hunters Star Quilt Pattern

11. Vibrant Oh My Stars Quilt Pattern

Though this is essentially a star quilt, the design gives the look of fall leaves, doesn’t it? Both the front and back of this quilt look good.

Oh My Stars Quilt Pattern

12. Star Flower Quilt Block Pattern

To make this beginner-friendly 12-inch block, you need to use flying geese units and a square. It is an 8 point star quilt block that is also known as sawtooth star quilt block.

Star Quilt Block Pattern

13. Gorgeous Star Quilt Pattern for Free

You would be bowled over by the looks of this square in a square star quilt block. It uses flying geese units. One block measures 14-inch by 14-inch.

Free Star Quilt Pattern

14. Colorful Friendship Star Quilt

This mini star quilt is made out of scrappy fabric. It needs some planning and careful piecing for getting this project perfectly.

Friendship Star Quilt

15. Charming Ohio Star Quilt Block

This contemporary star quilt block tutorial would inspire you to make star quilts all the year round. You can use it to keep you warm and remind you of a bygone era.

Ohio Star Quilt Block

16. Free Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern for You

This project can be done by people who have an intermediate knowledge of quilting. Each block measures 16-inches by 16-inches.

Free Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern

17. Easy Baby Star Quilt Patterns

These baby star quilts feature a lone star or Lemoyne star and a morning star or ribbon star quilt blocks that can be made very easily and quickly.

18. Cute 8 Point Star Quilt Pattern

8 Point Star Quilt Pattern

19. Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern

Friendship Star Quilt Block

20. Lovely Mexican Star Quilt Pattern

Mexican Star Quilt Pattern

21. Texas Star Quilt Pattern for You to Try

Texas Star Quilt Pattern

22. Pattern for Confetti Star Quilt

Confetti Star Quilt Pattern

23. DIY Lemoyne Star Quilt Pattern

Lemoyne Star Quilt Pattern

24. Pattern for North Star Quilt

North Star Quilt Pattern

25. Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern

The sawtooth star quilt block showcases a classic 8-pointed star. It also features fast-flying geese. The mini quilt would be great for interior décor.

Sawtooth Star Quilt

26. Pattern for Spinning Star Quilt

Spinning Star Quilt Pattern

27. Pattern for Barn Star Quilt

Barn Star Quilt Pattern

28. Easy Star Quilt Block for You

Easy Star Quilt Block

29. Pattern for Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star Quilt Pattern

30. Pattern for Star Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Star Quilt Pattern

31. Free Morning Star Quilt Pattern

Morning Star Quilt Pattern

32. Wonky Star Quilt Pattern

This wonky star quilt is for beginners. You would love to bring the beautiful night sky to your home by making this one.

Wonky Star Quilt

33. Amish Star Quilt Pattern

You can make this festive Amish star quilt for a mother who is expecting in fall. The exploding star shapes lend it a unique touch.

Amish Star Quilt

34. Pattern for Broken Star Quilt

This broken star log cabin quilt pattern can be made in both large and small sizes. You can make it in shades of navies, blues and lights.

Broken Star Quilt Pattern

35. Pattern for Evening Star Quilt

If you know paper piecing, then that definitely helps in making this quilt. The tutorial comes replete with cutting instructions.

Evening Star Quilt Pattern

36. Lucky Stars Pattern for You to Quilt

Lucky Stars Quilt Pattern

37. Cool Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Modern Lone Star Quilt Pattern

38. Unique One Big Star Quilt Pattern

One Big Star Quilt Pattern

39. Free Printable Ribbon Star Quilt Block Pattern

Printable Ribbon Star Quilt Block Pattern

40. Beautiful Red Star Quilt

Red Star Quilt

41. Blue Scrappy Star Quilt Pattern

Scrappy Star Quilt Pattern

42. Pattern for Shooting Star Quilt

Shooting Star Quilt Pattern

43. Woven Star Pattern to Quilt

Woven Star Quilt Pattern

44. Pattern for 6 Point Star Quilt

6 Point Star Quilt Pattern

Now that you have a collection of varied patterns in your kitty, you need to get working on a star quilt of your choice. It really helps if you have a stash of scrap fabric leftover from earlier sewing projects at your disposal.

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