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25+ Stylish Tutorials for Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire wrapping jewelries give them a unique and elegant look. If you have a fascination for stuffing your jewelry box with varied designs of enticing earrings, then make your studs or danglers look even more attractive by wire wrapping them. Take a look at the following tutorials to get a clear insight into how to wire wrap earrings.

Wire Wrapped Earring Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Earrings: DIY

The jade bead hanging below gives the earrings a charming appeal.

Wire Wrapped Earrings

How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings

These pretty danglers would pair up brilliantly with your formal skirts.

Wire Wrap Earrings

Wire Wrapped Chandelier Earrings: Do it Yourself

To make your chandelier earrings look more decorative, you can opt for multi-colored beads.

Wire Wrapped Chandelier Earrings

Easy Tutorial to Design Beaded Hoop-Styled Wire Wrapped Earrings

The white and black beads provide the hoop earrings a unique look.

Wire Wrapped Earrings Tutorial

Simple Directions for Wire Wrapping Earrings

The simple design of these earrings gives it a sober appearance.

Wire Wrapping Earrings

Stylish Wire Wrapped Earrings: How-to

These quirky wire-wrapped beaded earrings can be made in just 20 minutes!

How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings

Handmade Gold Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings

The golden design matched with the colorful beads make this earrings look simply gorgeous.

How to Wire Wrap Earrings

Cool Wire Wrapped Flower Beads Earrings Pattern

Besides the creative pattern, the rhinestones studded on the earrings make it look even more attractive.

Wire Wrapped Earrings Pattern

Golden Wire Wrapped Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Hoop Earrings

Tutorial for Making Wire Wrapped Owl Stud Earrings

This owl stud earring would be an apt accessory choice during Halloween.

Wire Wrap Earrings Tutorial

How to Make Wire Wrap Chandelier Earrings

You may add more beads if you desire for a longer chandelier.

How to Make Wire Wrap Earrings

Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings: DIY

Follow the tutorial to try your hands at these cute pearl-studded wire wrapped earrings.

Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings

Pretty Designs to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings with Glass Beads

These crescent shaped earrings would look wonderful when adorning your ears.

Wire Wrapped Earrings Design

Step by Step Instructions to Make Simple Wire Wrapped Earrings with Beads

Wire Wrapped Beaded Earrings

How to Make Earrings with Wire and Beads: An Interesting Design

Wire Bead Earrings Design

If you chance upon colorful gemstones, then wire wrap them to make a pair of stylish earrings taking a cue from the above tutorial.

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Earrings

Instructions to Make Herringbone Wire Wrap Earrings

The herringbone design give the danglers a new look.

Wire Wrap Earrings Instructions

Directions for Making Wire Earrings

How to Make Wire Earrings

Wire Wrapped Jade Beaded Stud Earring Tutorial

To create a floral pattern you may add two more jade beads and then follow the process as mentioned in the tutorial.

Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings

Wire Wrapped Flower Ear Cuff: How-to

Follow the instructions in the tutorial to make a splendid ear cuff as shown in the given picture.

Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff

How to Make Wire Wrapped Butterfly Earrings with Acrylic Beads

You little girl would jump with joy on having these butterfly earrings as her birthday gift to wear with her frilled frock.

Wire Wrapped Butterfly Earrings

Way to Make and Wire Wrap Briolette Earrings

By following the instructions below you can make or wire wrap your briolette earrings and make them look increasingly attractive.

Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings

Wire Wrap Christmas Tree Earrings: DIY

To retain the Christmas fervor you can opt of red or green beads.

Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree Earrings

Wire Wrapped Rose Stem Earrings: DIY

Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings

Wire Wrapped Spiral Earrings: DIY

You can also add small beads from where the spiraling begins upto the end to create an unusual look.

Wire Wrapped Spiral Earrings

Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Earrings Instructions

If you have a beach or sea glass then the instructions in the given video would show you the process of wire wrapping them. The earring-making technique would be similar to the ones shown in the above tutorials.

Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Earring

Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings DIY

The given DIY would help you make elegant crystal earrings like the one shown below.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

With these umpteen designs at hand, get set to make a few of these stylish wire wrap earrings for yourself as well as your loved ones.

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