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11 Flower Wall DIYs

A flower wall can be an excellent background for weddings, parties, events and other social dos. You can choose fresh or artificial blossoms for building the wall. Though real flowers look fresh and lively, they can dry up after a day or two. That would be undesirable if your special occasion lasts for several days. Faux flowers can be a wise option in that case. The below tutorials would guide you in the craft.

DIY Flower Wall Pictures

1. Make a Flower Wall

It would be a great idea to deck up the walls of your room with flowers for a fiesta. The color scheme can be plain or ombre. This wall would look gorgeous at a baby shower. Red roses would be a brilliant Valentine wall décor idea.

Flower Wall

2. Flower Decor for Wall

A chevron flower wall pattern would leave your guests guessing about the technique used. They would love to take selfies with this as the backdrop. Purple, red and yellow flowers would look vivid on the homemade wall. A red and white color code would be a winner.

Flower Wall Decor

3. DIYWall of Fresh Flowers

DIY Flower Wall

4. How to Make Paper Flowers for Wall

Big 3d white roses look absolutely delightful on the foam panel wall that acts as the background for your wedding. You can make them out of paper or use silk flowers.

How to Make a Flower Wall

5. Flower Wall Wedding Backdrop

You can choose pink and white, blue and white or only white flowers from your garden for this wall. It can be made in as little as 2 minutes.

Wedding Flower Wall

6. Classy Wall of Flowers

Wall of Flowers

7. Fake Flower Wall for the Bedroom

An artificial flower wall doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and looks no less than real ones. Faux flowers are also easy to work with. You can choose tropical flowers for summer if you so wish.

Fake Flower Wall

8. Large Wall Flowers for Nursery

Turn the wall of your nursery into a soft and gorgeous place by making these giant flowers. You can put the paper flowers on the wall behind the crib. A pale blush on the walls would suit the artificial blooms.

Nursery Wall Flowers

9. Big and Stunning Wall Flowers

Big Wall Flowers

10. Create Your Own Real Flower Wall Arrangements

Real Flower Wall Arrangements

11. Lush Grass Wall Backdrop with Flowers

A live grass wall with flowers could easily be the talking point of your party. Swap the colored blooms with white ones for a wedding reception.

Grass Wall Backdrop with Flowers

More paper flower backdrops

The joy of creating your own luxe flower wall is unbeatable. Flower walls that are made at home look elegant and come at a fraction of the price of commercial ones. Reason enough to gather your supplies and get down to work? Play an awesome host with these brilliant floral wall décor ideas. If executed well, you are sure to win accolades for your work.

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