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Aquarium Fish Tank Coffee Table: 8 Unique Designs

Many of us are immensely passionate about keeping colorful fishes in stylish aquariums in one corner of the room. However, have you ever pondered about the idea of building a stylish coffee table out of your fish tank to add grace to your living room? Well, it might be a bit of a tedious task, but you would definitely be elated to see the end product of your hard work and toil. Let us go through some interesting DIYs, to get an idea about a galore of new ways in which you may make your own coffee table with a built-in fish tank.

Aquarium Fish Tank Coffee Table

Rectangular Fish Tank Coffee Table: A Spectacular DIY

If you do not want your fish to have a dreadful experience while you create this stylish coffee table, go for a large rectangular-shaped one with ample space and well-installed filters for the creatures to move about comfortably.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Do It Yourself: Elite Black Fish Tank Glass Coffee Table

This compact and stylish table would be an apt idea for those having a 30-gallon fish tank. If you have dark shades for your wall décor, then design your coffee table in white.

Coffee Table Fish Tank

Coffee Table Fish Tank

How to Build a Wooden Fish Tank Aquarium Coffee Table

Use oil-based paint instead of water-based ones for more durability.

Aquarium Coffee Table Fish Tank

Homemade Glass Coffee Table with Fish Tank

If you do not have real fishes go for mechanical ones or even opt for a variety of plastic animal figurines to give it a terrarium like look.

Fish Tank Coffee Tables

Fish Tank Coffee Table Design

The blue and green beads used for decorating the fish tank in the image shown below gives it a unique appearance.

How to Make a Fish Tank Coffee Table

How to Make a Fish Tank Coffee Table

How to Make Your Own Fish Tank Coffee Table with Lights

Using an acrylic fish tank would make it easier for you to move it from one place to the other, also minimizing the risk of breaking or bursting. However, be careful while cleaning as it is vulnerable to scratches. Blue and red LEDs added to a fish tank coffee table give it a stunning visual impact.

Aquarium Coffee Table

Stunning Idea for a Fish Tank Coffee Table

The presence of the plastic aquatic life gives the aquarium an ever more charming look.

Fish Tank Coffee Table DIY

Fish Tank Coffee Table DIY

Terrarium Side/ Coffee Table: An Interesting DIY

If you have an undying love for reptiles then you can put in faux turtles or snakes inside the fish tank or aquarium to make it look unique, or even real ones if you manage to get hold of them.

Aquarium Coffee Table DIY

Aquarium Coffee Table DIY

Keeping these plans in mind you can create a variety of modern and attractive fish tank or aquarium coffee tables like those with a square, rectangular, oval, or hexagonal shape to enhance the décor of your home.

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