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14 +Beaded Animal DIYs

Beaded animals are a wonderful pastime to keep yourself and your kids engaged. You could make a whole lot of creatures using different varieties of beads be it big ones, small round ones, colorful plastic ones like perler or even pony beads. Check out to know interesting tutorials to make bead animals.

Beaded Animal Pictures

1. How to Make a Panda with Beads

A row of cross stitches has been made to form the body. The ears, feet, hand and tail has been designed using the black beads.

Bead Animals

2. Beaded Frog Pattern Tutorial

Pony beads woven into a distinct pattern helps in making this interesting beaded frog.

Bead Animal Pattern

3. Cute Bead Animal Keychain DIY

An amalgamation of colorful beads makes up this pretty animal keychain.

Bead Animal Keychain

4. Easy Way to Make Beaded Keychain with Perler Beads

With colorful Perler beads, you can create a whole lot of such animal-shaped magnets and key chains.

Perler Bead Animals

5. Dog Animal Pattern with Pony Beads

Stringing pony beads together would help designing this adorable dog. You could even string a cute tail to give it a realistic touch.

Pony Bead Animal

6. Giraffe Animal Pattern Using Perler Beads

Yellow, dark brown and black beads creates this giraffe. Designing the pattern on a pegboard would help you get the shape right.

Perler Bead Animal Pattern

7. How to Make Dolphin Beaded Animals

How to Make Bead Animals

8. How to Make A Cute Perler Bead 3D Easter Bunny

These lovely beaded rabbits could be shaped into key chains or even as mini centerpieces and given as Easter gifts.

Beaded 3D Animal Pattern

9. Easy Instructions to Make Beaded Animals for Beginners

Beaded Animals for Beginners

10. Instructions to Make a Beaded Giraffe Keychain

You could go for a smaller size if you desire to make it as a charm.

Beaded Animal Keychain Instruction
Bead Animal Template

11. How to Make a Beaded Turtle

The light and dark green bead alongside the black ones makes for a lovely turtle.

Beaded Animal Turtle

12. Pony Beaded Snake Instructions for Kids

The arrangement of two and four beads alternately gives it a unique look.

Beaded Animal Snake

13. Perler Bead Unicorn Instructions

The white bead for the face and the rainbow-colored ones for the rest of the body along with a black button eye give the unicorn an increasingly interesting look.

Bead Animal Unicorn Pattern

14. How to Make a Cute Fox with Perler Beads

Fox Beaded Animal

You could make just small showpieces, key chains, magnets for your refrigerator, charms for your bracelets and necklaces and a lot many things with these wonderful beaded animals.

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