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13 Cat Castle DIYs

A cat castle offers a cozy place for your pet cat to lounge in. They have a regal aesthetic appeal and could keep your cat engaged for hours. If you make one out of cardboard boxes, you are recycling and making it an eco-friendly project. It will help if you draw a plan on a piece of paper before embarking on the project.

DIY Cat Castle Images

1. Make Your Own Cat Castle

For this DIY, you need a big size cardboard box for the main castle area. For the castle towers, stack empty paper canisters.

Cat Castle

2. How to Make a Cardboard Cat Castle

Choose cardboard boxes big enough for your cat to fit in. You would also need scissors, a box cutter and strong, clear tape. You can decorate the castle with ribbon, felt or other accessories of your choice.

Cardboard Cat Castle

3. Cat Castle Instructions

Though the steps are for making a two-storied cat castle, you can add more stories as you go. Start with laying your cardboard boxes flat on the ground next to each other.

Regal Cat Castle

4. Rustic Cat Tree Castle Idea

This beautiful cat tree castle would be a delight for your pet to perch on. Being made from oak branches, they require a bit of carpentry skills.

Cat Tree Castle

5. DIY Cat Castle

A cat castle can be made extra royal by the addition of a festive drawbridge, grass courtyard, fortress walls, water feature and twin towers.

Cat Castle DIY

6. Lovely Cat Castle Plan

For this cat castle, you require three boxes of different sizes. Arrange them one on top of the other so that the largest one lays at the bottom and the smallest one is topmost.

Cat Castle Plan

7. Cat Castle Tower Tutorial

Cat Castle Tower

8. Cat Castle Out Of Cardboard

Cat Cardboard Castle

9. Ultimate Cat Castle Directions

Ultimate Cat Castle

10. Cat in a Homemade Castle

Cat in a Castle

11. Handmade Cat Castle Furniture

Cat Castle Furniture

12. Cat Castle Made Out Of Boxes

How to Make a Cat Castle Out Of Boxes

13. Building a Cat Box Castle

How to Build a Cat Box Castle

You can make it as elaborate as you want, or just keep it simple by stacking boxes and cutting out the windows and roof. A big castle allows your pet to hide, play and sleep in its abundant nooks and corners. You can draw and decorate the walls, doors and windows doing justice to your artistic skills.

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