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6+ Cool Guitar Painting Tutorials and Ideas

Painting guitar with abstract concepts doesn’t have a rigid rule as painting is an art form and like any other art, it gives you complete freedom to experiment. There are some basic concepts when it comes to coloring, and one needs to know which are suitable for the wooden base of the guitar. Some paint their guitar to protect the exterior, while some paint just to give their creativity a vent.

Guitar Painting Ideas

1. Acoustic Guitar Painting Tutorial

The spray painting on the guitar is wisely done using some tapes. The tapes are to be on the parts you don’t want to have paints on and then this way the rest of the body will be painted smoothly. After your spraying is over, let the color set for a while and then remove or peel off the tapes.

Painted Guitar

2. Blue and White Painting on Electric Guitar: Do it Yourself

The combination of blue and white makes the guitar more attractive. It takes multiple hours to be completely painted and dried. However, you should be careful about dust particles, and they can spoil the painting and create a bubble on the guitar body, so paint your guitar inside a clean room.

Custom Painted Guitar

3. How to Paint Your Guitar at Home

To give a new look to your used guitar, paint with some bright shades. You will need epoxy, wood fillers, sandpaper and paint obviously.

How to Paint Your Guitar

4. Step-by-step Instruction for Black and White Painting on Guitar

The guitar is painted with two basic shades for this gothic appearance. People with a preference for heavy metal songs love such designs on their instruments. The tutorial will help you understand the basic method, following which, you can have your desired patterns on any guitar.

Black and White Painted Acoustic Guitar

5. DIY Spray Painted Guitar: A Video Tutorial

The trick of spray painting is elaborately done on this tutorial and it will encourage many who are willing to paint. Take around 10 minutes to watch the video and start painting your guitar.

Electric Guitar Painting

6. Swirl Painting Pattern on Guitar

Swirl painting is another way of emerging abstract painting on the surface of the guitar. It mostly involves two or more shades together for a successful painting session.

Swirl Painting

A Few More Guitar Painting Ideas

This floral motif on the guitar is quite captivating, more so because of the bright color contrast as painted with orange, black, sky blue, pink, and green.

Hand Painted Guitar

This is another design that you could try at home. This is a blue-based pattern, but you can use orange, red, black, or any other shade as per your liking.

Acrylic Paint on Guitar

The robust coloration of this bass guitar is vibrant, and it has a specific flavor to it. Similarly, you can have your own version, mixing with multiple shades.

Bass Guitar Painting

The psychedelic design on the guitar reflects the pop culture of the ’60s. Make yours trendy or vintage, it’s your call.

Hippie Painting on Guitar

Painting an old guitar means changing or renovating it for a brand new appearance. These tutorials are more about giving a fair instruction regarding basic steps and ingredients required for painting on a guitar than the given design tutorials themselves. In the later part of this article, there are some ideas to take inspirations from.

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