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34+ Cool Ways to Make Shell Necklaces

Shell necklaces are undoubtedly the best when it comes to pulling off a bohemian look. Moreover, one can easily make them at home without a hitch. Here are some fabulous quick and easy tutorials for making pendants and necklaces with different shells.

Making a Shell Necklace

1. Conch Shell Necklace Step-by-Step Instructions

A conch shell looks good as a pendant, especially with a beautiful rustic-looking chain. Take a look at the instruction and make one.

Conch Shell Necklace

2. How to Make a Shell Necklace

A shell embellished chain is as pretty as it could be. Instead of throwing away your old chain, just use a shell as a pendant and wear it with your sundress.

Shell Necklace

3. Shell Necklace for Guys

Who says necklace is for girls only? Look at the cool necklace below that only needs a black string and a handful of shells to be made. This one can be considered a unisex one too.

Shell Necklace for Guys

4. Sunrise Shell Necklace Video Tutorial

A sunrise shell, when teamed up with a metallic chain, looks stunning. Follow the helpful video to make one. It will suit guys as well as girls.

Sunrise Shell Necklace

5. Make a Cowrie Shell Necklace

Cowrie shells are glossy enough to adorn your neckline if you know how to utilize them. Choose a string of your favorite shade and insert some cowrie shells. Check the tutorial given above, and then you can try these exciting varieties.

Cowrie Shell Necklace

Cowry Shell Necklace

The floral pendant attached with braided cord is a hit amidst ladies. It can be a perfect light accessory for your beach holiday

Shell Flower Necklace

6. Ursula Shell Necklace: Do it Yourself

Remember Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”? If you are dressing up like her for your upcoming cosplay party, you need a necklace like this to complete your look. Follow the tutorial to get this iconic shell necklace.

Ursula Shell Necklace

Little Mermaid Shell Necklace

Evil or no evil, Ursula had a good taste when it came to jewelry. This is sure to look good on you even on casual outings

Red Shell Necklace

7. Men’s Seashell Necklace

Nothing can go wrong if you wear a black-and-white puka shell necklace. The timeless shade is a hit amidst all, and the hint of blue makes it even better. You can try something other than blue to change the mood a little.

Men’s Seashell Necklace

Shell Necklace of 90’s

8. Make Your Own Shell Necklace

If you have a shell at home, just drill it, paint it, and use it as a locket of a beaded chain or simple necklace. The entire process takes an hour maximum.

Long Shell Necklace

How to Make a Necklace with a Shell

9. Instructions to Make a Classy Shell Necklace

If simplicity is what you look for in your jewelry, then make a necklace using a single white shell. However, you can always change the color by using spray paint or nail polish.

White Shell Necklace

10. Shell Beaded Necklace Design

Sea Shell Necklace

11. Hawaiian Shell Necklace

If your friends have brought some shells for you from Hawaii, you can turn those souvenirs into a necklace. Don’t forget to experiment with colors.

Hawaiian Kahelelani Shell Necklace

Niihau Shell Necklace

12. Shell Jewelry for Men Tutorial

The pristine white shell necklace is ideal to adorn you in the best way possible. Just wear a floral printed t-shirt and shorts to get the perfect look.

Shell Necklace for Men

13. Shell Necklace with a Basic Design

This handmade shell necklace ideally conveys the essence of love, so instead of spending money on pricey gifts, you can make such a gift for your boyfriend on his next birthday.

Hookah Shell Necklace

14. Abalone Shell Necklace

Abalone shells make an excellent item to use for making jewelry. So, transform a simple chain into a beautiful necklace with just an abalone shell.

Abalone Shell Necklace

15. How to Make a Shell Necklace with a Wax Cord

How to Make a Shell Necklace

16. Green Shell Necklace

What could be more beautiful than a beach inspired shell necklace? Attach some pearls or beads to make the pendant an interesting one.

Green Shell Necklace

17. Tasmanian Shell Necklace: DIY

If you have some Tasmanian shells, you have the essential supply for the perfect handmade gift for your gal pals. Follow the simple instruction and make this outstanding necklace.

Tasmanian Shell Necklace

18. Shell Necklace Craft

Affix a shell to a small square tray with a few drops of art gel and attach this to a chain. You may wear this with a knee length dress while going to a prom party.

Shell Necklace Craft

19. How to Make a Necklace out of Seashells

Real Seashell Necklace

20. Vintage Shell Necklace DIY

Making a Vintage Shell Necklace

21. Oyster Shell Necklace Idea

Oyster shells lend a striking look when incorporated correctly. Paint them entirely with acrylic paints and dry well before using them as pendants.

Oyster Shell Necklace

22. Statement Seashell Necklace Instruction

Homemade Shell Statement Necklace

23. Seashell Pearl Necklace

A simple pearl and a small shell are good enough to make a stunning locket. Check out the instruction now.

Sea Shell Pearl Necklace

24. Shell Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces offer edginess to your persona. The video gives you a detailed instruction on how to make such chokers. They have an undeniable hippie charm to them.

Shell Choker Necklace

Use the guideline with a touch of your creativity to make a choker like the following one.

African Shell Hemp Necklace

25. Scallop Shell Pendant Necklace

Scallop Shell Pendant Necklace

26. Gold Shell Necklace: Tutorial

Spray-paint some shells with a bright golden shade and make them your pendant. Yes! It is that easy.

Gold Shell Necklace

Gold Seashell Necklace

27. Clam Shell Necklace

A perfect beach look is incomplete without some shell accessories, and here is a necklace for you to make. To turn such necklaces more charming, you may add some charms with interesting patterns like a sea horse or a star fish.

Clam Shell Necklace

Long Pink Shell Necklace

A blue shell pendant is eye-catching enough to make you a show stealer at a brunch party.

Blue Shell Necklace

28. DIY Faux Sterling Silver Shell Necklace

Clean some shells and paint them in a dark silver shade. For a more authentic silvery look, use an acrylic sealer.

Sterling Silver Shell Necklace

29. Waterfall Shell Necklace: Instructions

If you are up for some chunky and heavy necklaces, then a waterfall styled necklace is good for you. Wear an off-shoulder dress to highlight your neckline. Mix and match New Zealand paua shells along with pearls and conch shells for a fantastic masterpiece.

Mother of Pearl Shell Beaded Necklace

Tahitian Shell Necklace

This pretty necklace complements any dress with a plunging neckline. Give it a try!

Seashell Charm Necklace

30. Colorful Shell Necklaces for Children

Your kids will love to wear shell necklaces colored with bright and peppy shades. So, without wasting any more time make some now for them to wear in school.

Seashell Necklace

31. How to Make a Seashell Necklace at Home

How to Make a Seashell Necklace

32. Seashell Necklaces DIY

Take three chains or cords to wear as necklaces, string in a different shell into each of them, and wear them together for an astounding look.

Seashell Necklaces

33. Tribal Shell Necklace

You may also add a few layers of shells for a tribal-styled necklace. Check out the video and make a similar piece.

Tribal Shell Necklace

34. How to Make an Ariel Shell Necklace

Ariel Shell Necklace

By following the same process, you may get some other types of necklaces as well. Have a look at some more cool ideas:

Nautilus Shell Necklace

Large Snail Shell Necklace

Coral Shell Necklace

Underwater creatures have always been fascinating to us because of their beauty. Seashells are no exception, and this is the reason we use them to make some spectacular jewelry. As is the case with any art, making seashell necklaces has no limitations when it comes to instructions and ideas. You are free to choose any design that looks attractive to you as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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