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19+ Creative DIYs for Driftwood Mirror

If you have stacks of driftwood lying aimlessly in your store, then sharpen your creative talent and make a host of stylish mirrors out of them. The list of DIYs would make your task of making a driftwood mirror simpler.

Driftwood Mirror Pictures

1. Driftwood Mirror Tutorial

The round mirror would be perfect for your elegant living room.

Driftwood Mirror

2. How to Make Round Driftwood Mirror

The random arrangement of driftwoods gives the mirror a unique appeal.

Driftwood Mirror Picture

3. Easy Way to Make a Large Rectangle Driftwood Mirror

If you have a spacious room, then this big mirror at one corner of the chamber would look indeed grand.

Driftwood Mirror Large

You can even make a longish full length standing mirror for your floor like this one. The tutorial would be the same like the one above.

Driftwood Floor Mirror

4. How to Make a Round Driftwood Mirror for Your Dining Room

The twisted pattern in which the driftwoods are arranged gives the mirror a modern touch.

Round Driftwood Mirror

You can also go for a small-sized round mirror by following the similar steps, just decreasing the size.

Small Driftwood Mirror

5. How to Make a Driftwood Framed Mirror

If you want to give your old frame a new look, then all you need to do is to take pieces of driftwood and glue them on the mirror. You can shape your driftwoods in the design of your choice. If you have timber frames, you can screw them together to give the impression of a driftwood mirror.

Driftwood Framed Mirror

6. Directions to Make an Oval-Shaped Driftwood Mirror for Your Bathroom

If you want to reminisce your wonderful beach holiday, glue some of the colorful sea shells you have collected to one side of the mirror.

Driftwood Bathroom Mirror

If you wish to give your worn out dressing table mirror a new look, then glue pieces of driftwood on it as shown here. You may even embellish it with seashells or paint the twigs.

Driftwood Dressing Table Mirror

7. Instructions to Make a Large Driftwood Mirror

Large Driftwood Mirror

8. DIY Driftwood Layered Mirror

The layered arrangement of driftwoods gives the mirror a chic look.

Driftwood Mirror DIY

If you have planks as well as boards with twigs just as the one shown in the picture below, you can screw them up to form a gorgeous mirror. Adding seashells and stones would bring in the sea side feel.

Driftwood Seaside Mirror

9. Ways for Making a Driftwood Mirror

The antler style of the mirror adds to its appeal further.

Making a Driftwood Mirror

10. DIY Project to Design a Circular Driftwood Mirror

You can place the mirror at the center of the wall and stick a collage of family photos on its sides.

Driftwood Mirror Round

11. DIY to Make a Driftwood Mirror

You can take two to four large driftwood pieces with the remaining being small-sized.

DIY Driftwood Mirror

For a rustic appeal, spray paint the mirror in any darker shade of your choice just as the one shown in the image.

Rustic Driftwood Mirror

12. DIY Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

You can consider painting the tips of the sticks in yellow and orange to give an impression of the rays of the blazing sun.

Driftwood Sun Mirror

The sea shells on the sunburst pattern make for a gorgeous decoration.

Driftwood Mirror Decoration

13. Tutorial to Make a Beautiful Driftwood Mirror

Taking a cue from the given tutorial you can get the square shape of the mirror. You may color some of the driftwoods in shades of your choice or even add shells and threads of your choice to create the beach fervor.

How to Make a Driftwood Mirror

After arranging the driftwood pieces, you can spray paint in white, gray or any other color of your choice for a spectacular effect.

White Driftwood Mirror

14. Starburst Mirror Tutorial

If you intend to put it up as a Christmas decoration, then paint the tips in green and red for a festive effect.

Starburst Mirror Tutorial

15. Driftwood Heart Mirror

Following the given tutorial you can make a driftwood mirror, where the base in which you would fix the glass should be round.

Driftwood Heart Mirror

16. Handmade Driftwood Fish Mirror

After making the structure, you can just attach a round glass to make it look like a mirror.

Driftwood Fish Mirror

For a nautical effect, you can glue nets, rope pieces or even a faux sea gull on it.

Driftwood Nautical Mirror

17. DIY Square Driftwood Mirror from Upcycled Blind Slats

The dark paint applied on it gives it a reclaimed look. You can even add fairy lights around it for a decorative look.

Driftwood Dark Mirror

18. How to Make a Driftwood Mirror with a Coastal Theme

You can either arrange the driftwoods in a square pattern or circular as shown in the tutorial. The remaining part would include fixing the shells and other stuff you have in the mirror. Opt for smaller shells as you would be able to glue them on the driftwood conveniently. You can make a bigger base so that it may serve as a mirror and candle holder.

Driftwood Coastal Mirror

19. DIY Painted Driftwood Mirror

If you are planning a 4th of July decoration, then paint the driftwood in the colors of the American flag.

Driftwood Painted Mirror

These amazing driftwood mirror designs would only add grace to your living room.

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