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15+ DIY Coffee Tables Made From Old Doors

If you love decorating your living room with elegant coffee tables of attractive designs, then here is an exciting opportunity for you to put your woodworking skills into action and shape something innovative. Could you have ever imagined of recycling your old, worn out, doors lying aimlessly in your store room and shaping them into admirable coffee tables! Here we have a host of fantastic DIYs lined up for you to gather inspiration.

Coffee Table Made From Old Door

1. How to Build a Glass Door Coffee Table

For a personalized touch, the map may be replaced by a large portrait of your family.

Door Coffee Table

2. How to Use an Old Door As a Coffee Table

You can screw racks in between the gaps to accommodate your excess stuff.

Old Door Coffee Table

3. DIY Old Barn Door Coffee Table

The glass fit on the top enhances its elegance further. You can also apply brown acrylic paint for a rustic look.

Barn Door Coffee Table

For a wider rectangular pattern, you can implement the design of the picture below to make a coffee table out of your old barn door. Paint in brown for a rustic finish.

Antique Barn Door Coffee Table

4. How to Make an Antique Coffee Table From a 5 Panel Door

The wheels make your coffee table highly mobile, helping you to shift it from one corner of the room to the other with ease. Using a 5-panel door helps in giving the coffee table a symmetrical shape. If you do not have an upcycled door handy, you can even toy with the idea of purchasing one from shops selling old doors.

Antique Door Coffee Table

5. Tutorial to Make a Stylish Coffee Table from Old Doors

The reclaimed pattern gives the coffee table a modern approach.

Coffee Table Made From Old Door

6. DIY Instructions to Make a Salvaged Wooden Door Coffee Table

While painting, apply light brush strokes rather than smearing it with dark coats to make the antique look prominent.

DIY Door Coffee Table

7. Herringbone Patterned Coffee Table Made from a Repurposed Door

The herringbone pattern made by arranging the wooden strips is simply a unique idea. For a coffee table, you would need to set it at a lower height and cut the door into a smaller size.

Door Coffee Table DIY

8. Distressed Coffee Table Made From an Old Wooden Door

The scraped look on the coffee table gives it a distressed look. You can even carve a circle at one side of the table for accommodating a fire pit.

Repurposed Door Coffee Table

9. How to Turn an Old Door into a Reclaimed Coffee Table

The hairpin legs which the coffee table stands on is easy to clean, also giving it a chic look.

Reclaimed Wood Door Coffee Table

10. Instructions to Make a Coffee Table from an Antique Ship Hatch Door

The legs of the table wrapped in metal sheets match well with the antique look of the body. Decorate the rustic-looking table with aromatic plants or a showy candle.

Ship Hatch Door Coffee Table

11. Vintage Wooden Door Coffee Table

The link to the given tutorial would guide you to make a similar kind of coffee table as shown in the picture.

Wooden Door Coffee Table

12. Timber Trestle Coffee Table Making Directions

The bridge pattern of the trestle, when made into a wooden coffee table, would certainly add a distinct charm to your interior décor.

Trestle Door Coffee Table

You can even have an interesting tryst with the dilapidated trapdoor of your roof or floor by turning it into a fabulous coffee table supported on a single stand.

Trapdoor Coffee Table

13. Tutorial to Make a Zinc Door Coffee Table

The given tutorial provides you with a clear insight into how to make a zinc coffee table similar to the one depicted in the picture. The criss-cross pattern of the stand is indeed an innovative approach. You can also paint it in the color of your choice if you desire for a brighter look.

Zinc Door Coffee Table

14. How to Make a Coffee Table from a Reused French Door

How about having your upcycled French door for a beautiful coffee table, gracing your living room! You can add colored glasses in the panels for a stunning visual impact.

French Door Coffee Table

Carved doors with intricate patterns and designs of Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, or Mexican varieties would also be an interesting choice for a stunning coffee table. Doors of Arabic models with vibrant calligraphic patterns also look marvelous.

Indian Door Coffee Table

15. Idea to Build a Coffee Table from an Old Cabinet Door

The wooden plank added at the bottom would serve as a magazine rack.

Cabinet Door Coffee Table

Some more Ideas of Coffee Tables Made from Doors

An exceedingly innovative idea would be to recycle the door of your old fridge along with the condenser coils into an enticing coffee table. You may use hairpin stands or the ones from a dining table for the legs.

Fridge Door Coffee Table

The Zanzibar styled doors always have an increased grandeur because of the heavy decorations adorned on them. If you chance upon one such precious items, then make it a part of your home décor by turning it into a gorgeous coffee table just like the one shown in the picture below. The pattern for designing it would be similar as shown in the tutorials above. To make the stands as stylish as the ones shown in the image, you can shape ordinary table legs in the pattern shown.

Zanzibar Door Coffee Table

These are only a handful, the list of doors that can be fashioned into a coffee table seems to be endless, be it a heavily decorated temple or church door, a small boat door, or enormous ship doors. Just grab you reused door and get set into action for designing this amazing furniture piece.

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