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8 DIY Couch Covers

Couch covers protect your expensive couch from getting dirty. They also look good complementing your interior décor. The good news? They can be made even without sewing! There are sewing patterns too, as described below. Just some patience and you have your homemade couch cover ready.

DIY Couch Cover Pictures

1. Homemade Couch Cover Idea

Give a makeover to your living room by adding a cover to your couch. You can choose a color of fabric that best suits your home décor.

DIY Couch Cover

2. DIY Sectional Drop Cloth Couch Cover

When it comes to couch slipcovers, nothing can beat drop cloth. Its texture is just right for covering your luxe furniture.

DIY Sectional Couch Cover

3. Couch Cover DIY Idea

This tutorial starts with making the base of the sectional couch cover followed by covering the cushions. Note that making your own slip couch cover can be time-consuming.

DIY Couch Cover Idea

4. No Sew DIY Couch Cover from Sheet

This is a pocket-friendly piece of furniture accessory that can be made out of two queen-sized sheets. If you have kids, you can make it interesting by using a bed sheet with cute patterns on it.

DIY Couch Cover from Sheet No Sew

5. Make Your Own L Shaped Couch Cover

You can use any pattern of fabric for this L-shaped couch cover. Just sink into its softness without having to worry about the grime and the dirt. You can use any pattern of fabric for this.

DIY L Shaped Couch Cover

6. Easy Sewing Pattern for DIY Couch Cover

Easy DIY Couch Cover Sewing Pattern

7. How to Make a Neat Couch Cover

How to Make a Couch Cover

8. DIY Fitted Couch Cover without Sewing

Fitted Couch Cover without Sewing

The next time you call your guests over for dinner, you would find them going gaga over your creative efforts. They look neat and brighten up your living room. Do take them off and wash them on a regular basis to maintain their sheen.

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