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12 DIY Fairy Wings

Fairy wings look beautiful as a part of your costume for any theme party, be it Halloween or any other occasion. They can be made easily and cheaply at home out of paper, fabric, cardboard in small as well as extra-large sizes. You can make them look pretty realistic with or without the help of a wire structure, as explained in the tutorials below.

DIY Fairy Wings Images

1. Step By Step DIY Fairy Wings

Little girls love to dress up as fairies, do they not? The essential part of a fairy costume is a pair of wings. And what better than a clear pair of wings that you can make on your own?

DIY Fairy Wings

2. How to Make Fairy Princess Wings

These tiny fairy wings would look beautiful on your Barbie doll. They are made out of sheer fabric and given their delicate shape by using wires. You can make the pair from organza, silk, nylon.

How to Make Fairy Wings

3. Make Fancy Fairy Wings

In this DIY, pantyhose is stretched over a wire outline of fairy wings with duct tape. It is later spray painted and sprinkled with sparkles. You can embellish with flowers and feathers.

Make Fairy Wings

4. DIY Large Cellophane Fairy Wings

These giant iridescent pink cellophane wings would look great for cosplay. The pretty wings are secured to your body with a harness with transparent elastic straps. The pair is suited for an adult fairy costume and has a steampunk vibe to it. The DIY starts off with cutting the wing pattern out of paper and sticking it to vinyl.

DIY Cellophane Fairy Wings

5. DIY Tulle Fairy Wings

Tulle, ribbon and elastic are the main supplies of this project. It is done without sewing, cutting or any wire but looks fabulous. Though strapless, they flap when your little one moves.

DIY Fairy Wings with Tulle

6. Easy DIY Mini Fairy Wings for Dolls

Looking for a homemade miniature fairy wing for your doll? Look no further with this simple project as your guide.

DIY Mini Fairy Wings for Dolls

7. Pretty DIY Baby Fairy Wings

You can make these cute fairy wings for your toddler. Just adjust the wire hanger size to fit a bigger kid. You can have it all white or in a green forest theme.

DIY Baby Fairy Wings

8. DIY Fairy Wings with Wire Hangers

DIY Fairy Wings with Hangers

9. Light Up Fairy Wings DIY

DIY Light Up Fairy Wings

10. DIY Tinkerbell Fairy Wings Tutorial

DIY Tinkerbell Fairy Wings

11. Paper Fairy Wings for Dogs

Fairy Wings for Dogs

12. Lovely Fairy Wings from Cardboard

These big cardboard wings look cool in a blue shade. If you want to make evil fairy wings for cosplay, you can have them in black. A dark shade would also suit a Gothic fairy wing design.

Fairy Wings from Cardboard

Your child would love to wear the fairy wings that you make for her. After all, she has heard so much about the tooth fairy, Tinker Bell, the woodland fairies and in a far corner of her heart, she might have nurtured a hope of looking like them. Bring her dreams to reality with this engaging craft.

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