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20 DIY Hanging Beds

A swing bed in your cozy room or in the backyard is a heavenly treat when you just want to relax and enjoy a good read. You can deck it up with lights to give a dreamy effect and enjoy sleeping under the stars. Here are some ways to build a hanging bed with recycled materials at your disposal.

Hanging Beds DIY Pictures

1. Pallet Hanging Bed

A swing bed made from pallet boards and a couple of ropes. Add a cozy mattress once the bed is all done.

Hanging Bed

2. How to Build an Outdoor Hanging Bed

The white drapes hanging at the sides of the bed as well as the string lights would tempt you to catch a good sleep outdoors.

Outdoor Hanging Bed

3. Making a Hanging Bed

Enjoy the cool summers with a nice drink and a book. Nothing could be as rejuvenating as this hanging bed.

Hanging Beds

4. Hanging Over Bed

Hanging Bed Swing

5. Building a Hanging Cat Bed

Your little kitty too needs a warm and comfortable to rest after a whole day of playing around. Check out the tutorial.

Hanging Cat Bed

6. Hanging Porch Bed Idea

It’s time to pull the lag screws, metal chains, and paints out of your storeroom as you would be building a comfortable bed cum sofa.

Hanging Porch Bed

7. Round Trampoline Hanging Bed

The hanging bed has been build with a distressed trampoline. The project should give you some recycling goals.

Round Hanging Bed

8. Build a Hanging Loft Bed

The kids are going to love the idea of double bunk beds with a different style and design.

Hanging Loft Bed

9. How to Make Indoor Hanging Bed

Hanging beds are not meant only for outdoor pleasure. If you are eyeing for small space, this DIY would be of great help.

Indoor Hanging Bed

10. DIY Hanging Bunk Bed Plan

Hanging Bunk Beds

11. Wall Hanging Bed DIY

Attached to the wall, this is an example of semi-swing bed. Know more by clicking on the link above.

Wall Hanging Bed

12. Hanging Trampoline Day Bed

You can even build a circle bed provided your backyard is pretty big with a lot of accommodation.

Hanging Trampoline Bed

13. Hanging Nest Bed for Kids

Here is a hammock bed similar to the nest of a bird. What else is better than using any little corner of your house for a swing bed?

Hanging Nest Bed

14. Hanging Lounger Tree Bed

The support of the tree branches is all that this bed needs. You might have already started planning about the summer activities seeing the bed.

Hanging Lounger Bed

15. Baby Hanging Bed Ideas

A basket bed stuffed with cushiony items is a cozy setup your little one can have.

Baby Hanging Bed

16. Ceiling Hanging Bed

Ceiling Hanging Bed

17. Modern Hanging King Size Bed

It’s built in such a way that it gives you the impression of a normal king-size bed. Wait till you actually find out the secret.

Hanging King Size Bed

18. Barnwood Hanging Swing Bed Plan

You can paint the bare wood spaces with frozen paintings to make your little princess love her bedroom more.

Barnwood Hanging Bed

19. Rope Hanging Boat Bed

Doesn’t it remind you of a boat? So you can sleep and sail somewhere in your dreams with a beautiful coastal background.

Hanging Boat Bed

20. Hanging Platform Dog Bed

Your cuddly four-pawed buddy should be given its space. Take some idea from this tutorial and build a sturdy bed.

Hanging Dog Bed

There are different types of hanging beds that you can build based on the materials available. Building a bed like this seems complicated, but you will enjoy doing an unusual DIY project

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