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9 DIY Harry Potter Wand Tutorials

Potterheads might have fantasized about having their own magic wands just like Harry Potter. They would be excited to know that such a wand can be made quite simply with readily available tools and supplies. You can use any of the below ideas while making one for cosplays and theme parties.

DIY Harry Potter Wand Pictures

1. Realistic DIY Harry Potter Wand

The supplies for this easy project are a stick, wool or string, glue, paint, decorations like beads, glitter, jewels, etc. Kids would be awestruck to possess a magic wand like Harry Potter.

DIY Harry Potter Wand

2. Harry Potter Wand Making Tutorial

The designs on these wooden wands are made by putting hot glue all over the handle part of chopsticks. The paint in solid shades of brown acrylic paint.

How to Make Harry Potter Wands

3. Fun Way to Make Harry Potter Wands

Make Harry Potter Wands

4. Steps to Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand

Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand

5. Easy DIY Harry Potter Wands

Easy Harry Potter Wands

6. DIY Harry Potter Magic Wands Out Of Wood

Are you looking forward to a letter from Hogwarts? Whether you receive it or not, you can always have a little fun by designing a Harry Potter wand out of chopsticks at home. If you don’t have chopsticks, wooden sticks could be a good alternative.

Harry Potter Magic Wands DIY

7. Light Up Harry Potter Wand DIY with Clay

A special feature of these wands with lights is that the spiral designs on them are done without using a hot glue gun. It is air dry clay at work.

DIY Light Up Harry Potter Wands

8. Homemade DIY Harry Potter Pencil Wands

DIY Harry Potter Pencil Wands

9. Harry Potter’s Wands Made out Of Paper

Would you believe that these realistic wands were made of just paper? It is the perfect activity for holidays when you want to engage your kids in something creative.

Harry Potter’s Wands Out Of Paper

A Potterhead would love to receive one of the above as a gift. It would be great to watch kids try to cast magic spells by holding out the wands in true Harry Potter style. After all, they are the little heroes in your family, aren’t they?

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