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22+ Classy DIYs to Make Leather Coasters

Pretty leather coasters adorning your center table would add a degree of elegance to your interiors. Rather than burning your pockets in buying custom made ones, put together your crafting skills to make stylish coasters out of leather just like the ones shown in the given DIYs.

How to Make Leather Coaster

1.  DIY Fall Leather Coasters

The intricate fall-leaf pattern gives the coasters a unique look.

Leather Coasters

2. Easy Leather Coaster Tutorial

If you are a beginner, then this simple design would be apt for you to start. If you are planning to make many coasters, create different shapes for each of them like a square, hexagon, triangle, or rectangle.

Leather Coasters Image

Following the pattern in the given tutorial, you can even make jet black coasters as shown in the picture below.

Black Leather Coasters

3. DIY Personalized Leather Coaster Set

Emboss “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays” on the coasters during the festive season and give away as a gift.

Personalized Leather Coasters

4. Modern Leather Coaster Pattern DIY

Modern Leather Coasters

5. Creative Design to Make Leather Coasters

You can add embellishments to the center by gluing colorful beads.

How to Make Leather Coasters

6. Black Leather Coaster DIY

The raised pattern gives the coaster a sober appearance.

DIY Leather Coasters

7. DIY Drink Coasters with Crochet and Leather

The crochet pattern encircling the coasters adds to its charm.

Leather Drink Coasters

8. DIY Monogrammed Leather Coaster

The given link would help you in making a stylish monogrammed coaster just as the one shown in the image below.

Monogrammed Leather Coasters

You can gift your best pal a personalized leather coaster with something special embossed on it, just as the picture below. The above tutorial would be your guide.

Leather Anniversary Coasters with Logo

9. How to Make Round Leather Coasters for Drinks

The dab of acrylic paint on the leather coasters adds to its beauty.

Leather Coaster for Drinks

10. Brown Leather Coasters with Decorative Tape

The criss cross designs of the coasters make them look even more appealing.

Brown Leather Coasters

If you are decorating your home for Christmas then make a red leather coaster following the same pattern. You just need to dab red leather paint on it. Besides the regular colors like tan or black, you may go for any shade like green, blue, orange, purple or gold by applying paint of that color.

Red Leather Coasters

11. DIY Faux Leather Triangle Coasters

If getting real leather seems expensive, you can go for faux ones.

Faux Leather Coasters

12. DIY Leather Coffee Coasters

Leather Coffee Coasters

13. DIY Metallic Leather Cup Coasters

Red or green leather paint will be a great option if you are planning to make these coasters for Christmas.

Leather Cup Coasters

14. Handmade Real Leather Desk Coasters

The twine can be replaced with a showy ribbon, tied neatly in to a big bow.

Leather Desk Coasters

15. Cool Design to Make a Leather Coaster

The mosaic look makes the coaster appear even more interesting.

Leather Coaster Design

Another fabulous design you can opt for as a Valentine Day gift for your sweetheart is a heart-shaped coaster. You would just need to cut your coaster in a heart shape following the steps in the above tutorials. You can write your lover’s name with white paint or even monogram it.

Leather Heart Coasters

16. Black Hexagon Leather Coasters Tutorial

Black Leather Hexagon Coasters

17. DIY Leather Map Coasters

The process would be the same as the given tutorial with only leather being replaced by tiles. For a photo coaster too you can take a print out of your family pics and paste it on your leather.

Leather Map Coasters

18. Instructions to Make a Large Leather Coaster

If you have a large dining table, then big coasters like this one would be an ideal pick.

Large Leather Coaster

19. Marbled Leather Coaster Patterns

You can even go for a mosaic paint to create a mosaic effect.

Leather Coaster Patterns

If you want to give your coasters a moon-like effect, then cut it into a round shape and sprinkle white and blue paint on it. It would look something close to this.

Moon Leather Coasters

20. Geometric Tea Leather Coaster for Your Table

Leather Tea Coaster

21. Flower-Shaped Leather Wine Coasters Tutorial

Add a bead or glitters in the middle of the flower for a brightened effect.

Leather Wine Coaster

So here is a bagful of interesting ideas, go for one or many of them to have a whole lot of bright coasters at hand.

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