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29 DIY Photo Albums

Homemade photo albums enjoy the benefit of customizability according to your preferences. You can craft them out of fabric, wood, paper, leather, cardboard and decorate them with lace, beads, buttons and ribbons. We have curated some of the best ways to make photo albums at home. You would be surprised at the variety of forms DIY photo albums can take, including explosion box, accordion, flip book, camera, photo reel and so on.

DIY Photo Album Pictures

1. DIY Photo Album Tutorial

You can design this beautiful photo album for Quinceanera or any other birthday. The creative photo album made by hand would make a great gift.

DIY Photo Album

2. DIY Pretty Photo Album Idea

You would fall in love with the various patterns of this paper photo album. It offers a fancy way of keeping a record of all the memorable events of your life.

DIY Photo Album Idea

3. DIY Scrapbook Photo Album Idea

DIY Photo Album Scrapbook

4. How to Make Folding Photo Album At Home Step By Step

How to Make a Photo Album

5. Make Your Own Flip Photo Album

Click on the above link to know how to make a mini family photo album using an acrylic frame. It offers a cute and whimsical way to display your favorite photos and is a very easy project.

Make Your Own Photo Album

6. Handmade Hardcover Photo Album Idea

How to Make Handmade Photo Album Ideas

7. DIY Fabric Covered Baby Photo Album Idea

A cloth-covered photo album can save the memories of your baby in style. It makes a great homemade gift for a baby shower.

Fabric Covered Baby Photo Album

8. DIY Photo Album Box

This pop-out DIY photo box album would make a beautiful gift for your friends and family. The handmade pull out photo album would leave a lasting impression on the recipient. You can wrap it like a gift box.

Photo Album Box DIY

9. DIY a 4×6 Photo Album

DIY 4×6 Photo Album

10. Simple DIY Vintage Photo Album

This tutorial offers a unique way to transform an old book into a photo album. You would find it to be a fairly easy project.

DIY Vintage Photo Album

11. DIY Wedding Photo Album Idea

It would be a great idea to make your own wedding photo album. Click on the link above to know how to DIY it from scratch.

DIY Wedding Photo Album

12. DIY Cool Photo Album Binder

DIY Photo Album Binder

13. Accordion Photo Album Book DIY

DIY Accordion Photo Album Book

14. DIY Nice Travel Photo Album

DIY Travel Photo Album

15. DIY Unique Camera Photo Album

DIY Camera Photo Album

16. DIY Classy Leather Photo Album

DIY Leather Photo Album

17. DIY Surprise Explosion Scrapbook Photo Album Box

This explosion box can be a great gift for Mother’s Day. There are step by step pictures and a video included in the above-linked article.

Surprise Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo Album

18. DIY Romantic Photo Album for a Couple

You can make this cute photo album for your boyfriend. The scrapbook photo album is nice and can be personalized according to your taste.

DIY Couple Photo Album

19. DIY Awesome Disney Photo Album

DIY Disney Photo Album

20. DIY Instax Polaroid Pop Up Photo Album

DIY Polaroid Instax Pop Up Photo Album

21. Wooden Photo Album DIY

DIY Wooden Photo Album

22. Make a Mini Photo Album

This small photo album would make a cute and creative Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. She can store all the beautiful moments spent together in this album on photos. You can make it with handmade paper for adding a personal touch. If you want to customize it for Christmas, just paint it in red, white and green and change the title of the photo book.

Mini Photo Album DIY

23. DIY Photo Reel Album

Photo Reel Album DIY

24. Family Tree Photo Album Instructions

Family Tree Photo Album

25. Paper Bag Photo Album Steps

How to Make a Paper Bag Photo Album

26. Making a Padded Photo Album

Padded Photo Album

27. DIY Photo Album Book Binding

You can have this cool photo book in a flush-mount design. It would look good in a matted appearance. You can make it as a birthday gift or a school project.

Photo Album Book Binding

28. Homemade Photo Album with Cardboard

Put waste material to use by making this box photo album. You would enjoy every bit of this free craft. You can give it to your best friend on his birthday or any other occasion.

Photo Album with Cardboard

29. Easy 3D Photo Album Out Of Paper

3D Photo Album Out Of Paper

By now, you are enriched with a plethora of ideas for your craft. Just choose a design that you like and start working on it. You would love the looks of the photo album and the endless ways in which you can personalize it. If you don’t want to give it away as a gift, you can keep it for your own use.

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