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37+ DIY Tutorials to Make a Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps are classy and vintage that reminds you of the 19th-century European style. Recreate the same manner of dressing in a bit voguish way making these caps with recycled fabric pieces. Here are some interesting ways to lap up this season’s must-have accessory.

Mens Newsboy Cap

1. Newsboy Cap 1920s

A plaid baker boy cap lends a classy look when you wear a warm coat with formal trousers.

Newsboy Cap

2. Newsboy Cap with Snap Tutorial

Sewing enthusiasts would love trying something new this winter. Follow the tutorial to know what exactly you need for making the cap.

Newsboy Caps

3. Newsboy Cap Pattern DIY

Stitch a toasty newsboy cap for your hubby this new year and give him a surprise.

Newsboy Cap Pattern

4. Grey Newsboy Cap for Boys

Have you an old coat or fabric that is no longer in use? You can cut out large strips and stitch them into a dapper baker boy cap.

Newsboy Cap for Boys

5. Blue Newsboy Cap Mens

If love wildlife expeditions, you can opt for a newsboy cap that will keep your hair protected from the dust. Also, the cap completes your ensemble.

Newsboy Cap Men

6. Baby Newsboy Cap Free Pattern

Gift a nice, little bandit cap and dress him up in a complete retro style. You will be reminded of the 60’s.

Baby Newsboy Cap

7. Leather Newsboy Cap with Tutorial

Make a suede leather newsboy cap using the same tutorial. Adjust the circumference of the cap while stitching the pieces.

Leather Newsboy Cap

8. How to Make a Black Newsboy Cap

Black Newsboy Cap

9. Houndstooth  Mens Newsboy Cap

A popular textile pattern, houndstooth is more like a checker block design. So if you have some fabrics of the same pattern, make a newsboy cap out of it.

Newsboy Cap for Men

10. Knit Wool Newsboy Cap

You can knit a newsboy cap as well that can be worn by both men and women. This could be the most creative and stylish way to dress this winter.

Wool Newsboy Cap

11. Newsboy Cap Baby Boy

An ideal gift for a baby shower event or birthday party for a baby boy. You can stitch this soon without any hassle.

Boys Newsboy Cap

12. Harris Tweed Newsboy Cap

Tweed Newsboy Cap

13. Plaid Newsboy Cap DIY

A plaid newsboy cap is a classy addition to your formal or semi-formal attire. Learn how you can make it.

Plaid Newsboy Cap

You can make a newsboy cap of the same pattern with corduroy fabric pieces to add some sophistication and warmth to it.

Corduroy Newsboy Cap

14. Newsboy Cap DIY

An ideal cap to pose for photo party prop, this one requires some basic sewing skills and few supplies.

DIY Newsboy Cap

15. DIY Jual Newsboy Cap

Jual Newsboy Cap

16. Newsboy Cap Crochet Pattern for Toddlers

Crochet an adorable newsboy cap for your little angel to protect its head all through the winter.

Baby Newsboy Cap Crochet Pattern Free

17. Cut and Sew Herringbone Newsboy Cap

If you love the herringbone pattern, procure some fabric of a similar design and stitch a dapper cap.

Herringbone Newsboy Cap

18. DIY Topi Newsboy Cap

Although the tutorial is given in a different language, you can click on the translate button and follow the tutorial.

Topi Newsboy Cap

19. Newborn Newsboy Cap DIY

Your cutie pie would look no less than a dude in this newsboy cap. Pair it with a T-shirt of the same color.

Newborn Newsboy Cap

20. Red Vintage Newsboy Cap

You can purchase this pattern online and get started to make a ravishing and toasty cap for your head.

Red Newsboy Cap

You can pull out blue yarn from your drawer to make the same type of newsboy cap.

Navy Newsboy Cap

21. Denim Newsboy Cap Instructions

Denim Newsboy Cap

22. Women’s Newsboy Cap

Add a girly charm to your ensemble with a funky head hugger. Click a cool and photo and post it on social media for more followers.

Newsboy Cap for Women

You can take different strips of fabric and stitch them together to make a similar-looking cap with a different pattern.

Patchwork Newsboy Cap

23. Toddler Boy Newsboy Cap

Using a plastic container, you can make the brim of the cap, and once it’s complete, you can deck your baby boy with it.

Infant Newsboy Cap

24. Cotton Newsboy Hat Tutorial

Have you an old T-shirt that is no longer fir for wearing? Recycle it in a more creative way by making a cute newsboy cap.

Cotton Newsboy Cap

25. Free Sewing Pattern for Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap Pattern Free Sewing

26. Strawberry Linen Newsboy Cap

You can use a printed T-shirt to sew a pretty cap for your princess.

Linen Newsboy Cap

27. 8-Panel Newsboy Cap Tutorial

You can avail the tutorial in your respective language by clicking on the translate button at the right- hand side corner of the page.

8 Panel Newsboy Cap

28. Crochet Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap Crochet Pattern

29. Make Irish Newsboy Cap

This one is perfect for use as a baseball cap when you are out in the sun to fit few shots with your bat.

Irish Newsboy Cap

30. Little Boy Newsboy Cap for Summer

Go for a plain and simple baker boy cap to dress up your baby boy even when the weather is a bit harsh during summer.

Summer Newsboy Cap

31. How to Make Ladies Newsboy Cap

It is more of a safari-inspired cap that has a sporty look. You can wear it with light-toned outfits.

Ladies Newsboy Cap

32. Brown Gatsby Newsboy Cap

Adding a cool contrast to your colorful ensemble this handmade cap is trendy for all types.

Gatsby Newsboy Cap

33. Fleece Newsboy Cap with Ear Flaps

These ear flaps would protect you during a breezy weather. Also, you can add a brim and modify it into a newsboy cap.

Newsboy Cap with Ear Flaps

34. Brixton Suede Newsboy Cap

In the video tutorial, the fabric used is different, but you can make the cap with suede material. Likewise, you use camo-printed fabric to make the same.

Suede Newsboy Cap

36. Knitting Newsboy Cap Pattern Free

Knit Newsboy Cap

37. Newsboy Flat Cap Hat

Newsboy Flat Cap

Now that you have a wide variety of tutorials and ideas to make a newsboy cap, you can get set with a needle, fabric straps, and threads/wool and start.

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