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33+ DIY Wine Glass Racks

Are you having space issues with your delicate wine glasses? The possibilities of storage are many provided you try building a wine glass rack that would match your room size, style of décor, and utility. So without spending anything from your pocket, you can display your favorite bottles and glasses taking help from the following tutorials.

Wine Glass Rack DIY

1. Homemade Wine Glass Rack

The project involves arranging wooden planks in the way shown in the tutorial and then adding a coat of wood stain to lap out this sophisticated rack.

Wine Glass Rack

2. Hanging Wine Glass Rack to Make

Why need a wall-mounted wine rack when you can easily accommodate it under your kitchen cabinet? Learn how you can do so following these instructions.

Hanging Wine Glass Rack

3. Build Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

4. Scrap Wood Wine Glass Rack

Finding space in the kitchen can be a serious problem; therefore a hanging wine rack is a much better option.

Wood Wine Glass Rack

5. Freestanding Wine Rack and Glass Holder

Just drill few holes into a wooden plank and insert the glasses and bottles without any expenditure.

Wine Rack and Glass Holder

6. Under Counter Wall Wine Glass Rack

Integrate this sturdy wine glass rack in your cooking space to get easy access to glasses whenever there is a party at home.

Wall Wine Glass Rack

7. Wooden Wine Rack with Glass Holder

Wine Rack with Glass Holder

8. Small DIY Wine Glass Rack

Keep it your garden while enjoying a nice summer picnic with pals and enjoy your full-bodied glass of wine.

DIY Wine Glass Rack

9. How to Make Wine Glass Drying Rack

Another unique project made from reclaimed wood. Suspend it from the ceiling and enjoy drinking wine without moving from here to there.

Wine Glass Hanging Rack

10. Wall Wine and Glass Rack

Wine and Glass Rack

11. Wall Mount Wine Glass Rack Tutorial

You will love the setting of the wine glass rack, especially when you have an empty porch or balcony in your house.

Wall Mount Wine Glass Rack

12. Wine Glass Rack Under Cabinet with Instructions

Wine Glass Rack Under Cabinet

Taking cue from the previous tutorial, you can modify the rack in the same way as shown in the image to store wine glasses.

Under Counter Wine Glass Rack

13. Make Your Own Wine Glass Wall Rack

Wine Glass Wall Rack

14. Wall Wine Rack with Glass Holder from Pallets

Wall Wine Rack with Glass Holder

15. Mountable Wine Glass Rack Shelf

This one is an adjustable rack with provision for keeping both bottles of wine and glasses.

Wine Glass Rack Shelf

16. Full Wall Wine Rack with Glass Holder

How to Make a Wine Glass Rack

17. DIY Wine Glass Shelf and Storage

You can either retain the distressed look of the rack or add a coat of your favorite paint for a pleasing look.

Wine Glass Shelf Rack

18. Upside Down Wine Glass Rack

The advantage of having your wine rack styles in this way is that the water gets drained out after washing.

Under Shelf Wine Glass Rack

19. DIY Wall-Mounted Wine Racks Made of Pallets

You can install the rack next to a fireplace to have a relaxing time drinking during the harsh winter within your comfort zone.

Ceiling Wine Glass Rack

20. Free Standing Wine Glass Rack

The rustic glass rack doesn’t occupy much space, and it’s portable that means you can keep it on the countertop/tabletop of your kitchen or carry to your backyard during summer parties.

Countertop Wine Rack and Glass Holder

21. Free Wine Glass Rack Template

Wine Glass Rack Plan

22. DIY Rustic Wine Rack

A cellar sort of design, you can add more shelves if your collection of wine bottles and glasses is ever growing.

Wine Glass Rack Wall Mount Shelf

23. Wine Glass Rack Dining Room

Transform a rake into a decorative wine rack for storing a limited collection of beautiful wine glasses.

Rake Wine Glass Rack

 Similarly, you can do something creative with a repurposed wooden dowel without toiling hard.

Wine Dowel Glass Rack

24. Horizontal Wine Glass Storage Rack

Accessible to all, this wine rack interacts with the light fixtures in an interesting manner putting in the mood even before the party commences.

Overhead Wine Glass Rack

25. Make Your Own Wine Glass Rack

Attach few hooks on the wall and hang sturdy wires to hold the glasses. Place them near to the sink for easy washing and drying.

Wire Wine Glass Rack

26. Roof Wine Glass Rack Chandelier

This one is not exactly a storage rack but more of a centerpiece in your living room made by using wine glasses that are no longer in use.

Wine Glass Rack Chandelier

27. Floating Wine Bottle and Glass Wall Shelf

Pallet Wine Glass Rack

28. Bar Wine Glass Rack

Corner Wine Glass Rack

29. Industrial Rack for Wine Glasses

Making the rack a part of your kitchen cabinet solves the problem going to a home décor store and making a good selection.

Shelf Insert Wine Glass Rack

30. Wine Glass Draining Rack Idea

If you have a plan to take your caravan to travel places this year, don’t forget to leave some space in the vehicle to fit this functional glass rack.

RV Wine Glass Rack

31. Vintage Wine Glass Rack

Why go clubbing to expensive places when you can set up a mini bar with hordes of liquors? Invite your friends and recreate the same magic.

Wine Glass Rack Backlit

32. Creative PVC Pipe Wine Rack

The leather straps can hold both bottles and glasses while the pipe framework prevents the rack from getting tilted.

PVC Pipe Wine Glass Rack

Besides old wooden planks or pallet, you have several other options to keep wine glasses in one place. Let your hair down after a long tiring day to sip some wine and chill for a while.

33. Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack Shelf

Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Although a bit different from the previous tutorial, here you have to fix a wooden plank on the wall and drill nails into it for hanging the wine glasses.

Vertical Wine Glass Rack

Besides old wooden planks or pallet, you have several other options to keep wine glasses in one place. Let your hair down after a long tiring day to sip some wine and chill for a while.

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