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15+ DIYS on How to Make a Dragon Puppet

Dragon puppets are an entertainment tool that gives your kids pure happiness. There are some over the top or big dragon puppets for garden and backyards, while some are small puppets for indoors. You can play, enact, or allow your kids to show their creativity with such things.

DIY Dragon Puppet Pictures

1. Colorful Small Dragon Puppet

The dragon is made of red, yellow, blue, and orange crepe paper and paper straws for holding. This is fascinating and does not take much time because the tutorial shows that it uses dragon puppet printables.

Dragon Puppet

2. Chinese Dragon Puppet

As Chinese dragons are known to be a riot of colors, why would you make a difference? Use crepe foam, and make the eyes prominent with wiggle eyes. As far as the holder is concerned, the popsicle sticks would be fine.

Chinese Dragon Puppet: Do It Yourself

3. Dragon Sock Puppet

Sock puppet is a traditional thing and this is trendy enough especially if you are interested in stitching. This green sock puppet is decorated with commercially available puppet eyes, felt papers, and pom poms.

Dragon Sock Hand Puppet

4. Tiny Pink Dragon Puppet

The body of the dragon, especially the belly can be elongated. Extremely light, you can make such dragons in any color of your choice.

Paper Dragon Puppet DIY

The tutorial is the same as the above but the color of the dragon is changed.

Articulated Dragon Puppet

5. How to Make a Ruthless Chinese Dragon Puppet

This looks an elaborate task, but it is not in reality. Even children above the age of five or six can try this with a little help from their teachers or parents.

How to make a Big dragon Puppet

6. Dragon Puppet with Blinking Eyes

The large dragon with two big eyes with a blinking style looks creative. The video tutorial for wearable dragon is convenient for all to understand.

White Long Arm Dragon Puppet

7. Tutorial for Paper Bag Dragon Puppet

To utilize your existing items at home, like paper bags, you can give this tutorial a try. The paper bag is colored and painted and then transformed into a dragon puppet.

Dragon Paper Bag Puppet

8. Red Sock Dragon: Step-by-step Instruction

This is again a sock dragon tutorial, but the design is different. This is a no-sew sock puppet and all you need is have a sock and fabric foam.

Red Dragon Sock Puppet

9. Crochet Hand Dragon Puppet

Crocheting a dragon is fun when the result is so beautiful. Here two types of green yarns are used.

Crochet Dragon Puppet Pattern

10. Paper Plate Dragon Puppet

Paper plates are usually common to find in a house, so you can easily use them along with egg cartons and feathers to make Chinese cute dragon puppets.

Chinese New Year’s Dragon Puppet for Kids

11. Flying Pink Dragon Puppets for Kids

If you are fascinated with the concept of dragon, and you can try this one. The bat-like wings of the dragon is an art of construction paper.

Cute Dragon Puppet

12. Dragon Finger Puppets

This tiny finger puppet with a figure of three-headed dragon is as sweet as possible. It is made of felt paper but the eye brow and other things can be done with sharpies.

Dragon Finger Puppet

13. Flying Marionette Dragon Puppet for Kids

The marionette puppet is light, and it suspends from pieces of cardboard. This is extremely light.

Dragon Marionette Puppet with Separate Head and Wings

14. Chinese Cup Dragon for Party

If you have some unused cups at home, you can use them to make a cute dragon puppet like this one.

Chinese Dragon Puppet DIY

15. Egg Carton Dragon Puppet

Red Dragon Puppet Made from Egg Carton

Egg cartons are always handy so you can teach children how to make a dragon puppet with them. Coloring them will depend on the look of the dragon. If it is a friendly one, then green, pink or blue will be fine. If the dragon is not so jovial, rather angry and ferocious then red or orange is the best choice.

Dragon puppets are nice crafts that will engage you and your children. When it comes to the puppet, it is extraordinary as you can enact anything with it.

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